​Nursing Electives

Please refer to the College Catalog and the Schedule of Classes
The following courses are offered for Licensed RNs, LVNs, or RN students interested in earning Continuing Education Units:
Basic EKG Interpretation (Nursng 045)
Interpretation of Lab Tests (Nursng 061)

Advanced Cardiac Dysrhythmias, Recognition and Management (Nursng 145) - not currently offered

Operating Room Nursing (Nursng 206)

Nursing Internship (Nursng 210) - not currently offered

Physical Assessment (Nursng 212)

Gerontological Nursing (Nursng 214) - not currently offered
Pharmacological Principles (Nursng 215)

Critical Care Nursing II (Nursng 242)
Emergency Room Nursing (Nursng 244)
Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness (Nursng 246)
*On Hold  Medical Assistant (Nursng 052, 053, 054, 055/CIT 010, 130, 132)