Goals and Objectives
The associate of arts in Philosophy is designed as preparation for transfer to a four-year university with a Philosophy major or other liberal arts major. The goal of the program is to provide students with a foundation in critical thinking, develop argumentation skills and analysis that will serve them well in studies for a bachelor’s degree or graduate/professional degree. Upon completion of the program in Philosophy, the student will be able to:
·     Apply skills of problem analysis and resolution in any area of study and employment.
·     Demonstrate knowledge of the historically significant questions, problems, and theories in the major areas of philosophy, including major philosophers and their contributions.
·     Demonstrate the basic rules and principles of logic, including identifying, analyzing, and evaluating arguments.
·     Assess ethical problems and evaluate arguments relating to significant ethical issues.
Program Requirements
To earn an Associate in Arts Degree with a major in Philosophy, students complete 21 specified units in Philosophy, plus General Education Degree Requirements. The program is designed for students intending to major in philosophy, religious studies, political science, or related fields at a four-year institution.
          Required Core Courses
PHILOS 101       Introduction to Philosophy   
PHILOS 101H     Introduction to Philosophy-Honors
Select one of the following:
PHILOS 106       Critical Reasoning           
PHILOS 230       Symbolic Logic               
Select one of the following:
PHILOS 120       Introduction to Ethics      
PHILOS 240       Contemporary Moral Problems
Select one of the following:
PHILOS 110       History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
PHILOS 111       History of Modern Philosophy
Select one of the following:
PHILOS 102       Introduction to Eastern Philosophy and Religion
PHILOS 220       Comparative Religions
PHILOS 225       Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
Select one of the following:
PHILOS 112       History of Contemporary Philosophy
PHILOS 130       Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
PHILOS 250       Environmental Ethics
AND one further course from any of the above