POLITICAL SCIENCE 150 - Introduction to American Gov't. & Politics - 3 units - CSU:UC
An examination of the institutions, activities, and issues of American and California governments. This course satisfies the TitleV, U.S. Constitution requirement and the California State and Local Government requirement.
POLITICAL SCIENCE 198 - Special Topics in Political Science - 3 units - CSU
Lectures and activities in specific areas of interest in political science.  Topics will change with each course offering and will include areas of study such as current public policy issues or major philosophical or legal question in contemporary politics.​

POLITICAL SCIENCE 200 - Introduction to Political Science - 3 units - CSU:UC
Survey of the nature and scope of political science including basic concepts, terms, contending theories, institutions and subfields in the discipline.  Description of the methodology and research techniques employed by political scientists.
POLITICAL SCIENCE 210 - Model United Nations - 3 units - CSU
A study of the norms, rules, and procedures of the United Nations leading to partipation in simulated multilateral bargaining brings in-depth expertise on a stated topic and a specific region/ nation-state.  Emphasizes extemporaneous speaking and experiential learning.

POLITICAL SCIENCE 230 - Political Theory - 3 units - CSU:UC
An exploration of the major political concepts, such as the origins of government, state power, justice, and the distribution of political and economic resources that impact our conceptions of the good life.  The contributions made by leading political theorists covers the period from the early Greeks to modern day political philosophers.
POLITICAL SCIENCE 250 - Comparative Government - 3 units - CSU:UC
A study of the governments of other countries as compared to the United States with a particular emphasis on the parliamentary form as represented by Great Britain.
POLITICAL SCIENCE 270 - International Relations - 3 units - CSU:UC
An analysis of the basic historical, geographical, economic, ideological, and strategic factors which underlie conflict and cooperation among nations.
POLITICAL SCIENCE 290 – Ethnic and Gender Politics - 3 units – CSU
An overview of the history, the issues, and the political processes that affect the status and power of groups which have traditionally been politically and socially disadvantaged in the United States. These groups include, but are not restricted to, African-Americans, Asians, Native-Americans, Latinos, and Women.