Model U.N.
The Model United Nations (MUN) is course offered by the Department of Political Science.  It offers students the opportunity to simulate the work of the United Nations and its various agencies. The class will engage students in independent research, active learning, simulated diplomacy, and bargaining and negotiations in a multilateral international context.  The course emphasizes extemporaneous speaking and experiential learning. Students will gain practical experience in international politics.  The primary academic focus of the MUN course is:  
  • Conducting research on relevant global issues.
  • Exposure to rules, procedures and conference stages.
  • Learning how to write resolutions.
  • Learning caucusing and negotiation skills.
  • Enhancing public speaking skills.
  • Comprehending the essential goals of conflict resolution and multistate diplomacy via a simulation of the United Nations.

Julie Sturgeon
David and Judy Davis
Gary and Diana Cusumano
Bob and Diane Benjamin
Fred Arnold
Charlotte and Frank Kleeman
Dr. Joe Schulman, past president of the Alfred Mann Foundation
College of the Canyons, Associated Student Government
Research and Instructional Material
The Model United Nations club gives students an opportunity to continue their participation in the simulations beyond the course and to work with other students in support of the Model U.N. program.  For additional information contact Dr. Phil Gussin