College of the Canyons offers an Associate Degree in American Sign Language Interpreting. The degree will equip students with the
necessary skills for entry-level positions within the field of interpreting as well as with transfer opportunities to a four-year college or university.
 Students with an American Sign Language Interpreting degree will develop the following competencies:
       -         Advanced American Sign Language skills
-         Interpreting skills (English to ASL)
-         Transliterating skills (English to MCE)
-         American Sign Language/MCE to English skills
-         Cultural bridging techniques
-         Idiomatic and specialized vocabulary skills
-         Knowledge of specialized settings and applied techniques
-         Fingerspelling skills: expressive and receptive
-         Historical knowledge of American Sign Language, Deaf culture and Interpreting
-         Knowledge of the structure of American Sign Language
-         Knowledge of the Code of Ethics for interpreters
-          Knowledge of principles, practices and procedures of Interpreting
-         Knowledge of Deaf culture
-         Knowledge of Interpreting techniques