Recommended Sequence for the AA Degree in Interpreting
SIGN 103         American Sign Language III
SIGN 104         American Sign Language IX
SIGN 110         American Deaf Culture                       
SIGN 112         Interpreting: Principles & Practices                                                                             
SIGN 200         Specialized Signs & Settings                                                    
SIGN 201         Interpreting I                                                                          
SIGN 202         Transliterating I                                                                                  
SIGN 203         Sign to English Interpreting/Transliterating I                           
SIGN 204         Interpreting II                                                                         
SIGN 205         Transliterating II                                                                     
SIGN 206         Sign to English Interpreting/Transliterating II                         
CWE-188         CWE: Sign Language Work Environment                                                                    
Recommended Electives: (Offerings vary during the year)
SIGN 111         Fingerspelling                                                                         
SIGN 113         Creative Uses of Sign