Descrption, Mission, and Goals of the Sociology Department at College of the Canyons

Sociology is a scientific discipline that studies group behavior and dynamics.  Sociologists investigate a wide range of social experiences that take place within institutions, communities and societies.  Since human behavior is shaped by social factors, the subject matter of sociology ranges from the intimate family to the hostile mob; from organized crime to religious cults; from the divisions of race, gender and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture; and from the sociology of work to the sociology of sport.
Although the Sociology major is designed to prepare students for further studies in the discipline, the critical thinking, reading, writing, and oratory skills gained by the study of this social science will not only assist the transfer-level student, but those entering the job market as well. The field provides a broad-based knowledge of human behavior and social interaction which is transferable to a multitude of areas including education, law, medicine, government, administration of justice, and organizations.
The goal of the Sociology Department is to offer a diverse course listing, including a variety of time, day, modality, and location schedules. The department strives to offer courses that will fulfill GE requirements for students who plan to 1) attain an A.A. Degree in Sociology or another educational program, 2) transfer to a four-year college or university, or 3) earn units to assist in obtaining employment or advancing in a current position.
The Sociology Department works to integrate discipline-related topics into the larger campus through inter-departmental activities. In addition, the department fosters diversity awareness throughout classes and campus activities (e.g., sociology lecture series), as well as promotes civic engagement through service-learning projects. The department encourages the scholarship and research of both faculty and students.

Upon completion of the associate degree in Sociology, students will be able to analyze social issues using sociological concepts.