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College of the Canyons/College Resources


Family and Marriage



Health and Aging







General Sociology


Sex and Gender



Theory and Methods

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College of the Canyons Resources

College of the Canyons Library

Sociology Resources at the COC Library

Tutoring/Learning/Center at College of the Canyons

Online Databases at College of the Canyons


College Student Resources

CollegeSource-College cataloges, etc.

CSU Mentor-Transferring to a CSU, start here

Virtual Campus Tours that course transfer to where you want to go?

Study Abroad

California Colleges

Career Exploration1
Career Exploration2
Career Exploration3

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American Psychological Association References

APA Documentation Links

APA Documentation Guide

ASA Documentation Guide

Six Criteria for Assessing a Website

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General Sociology Resources

World Health Organization (WHO)

National Library of Medicine databases  

World Bank

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research



The General Social Survey

Howard Becker's Home Page

The World Fact Book


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Education Resources

U.S. Department of Education

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Health and Aging Resources

American Society on Aging

Centers for Disease Control

American Association of Retired Persons

Social Security Administration

Nutrition and Aging

Issues Affecting the Health of Older Citizens 

Alzheimer's Association

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Deviance and Crime Resources

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Criminal Justice Statistics Center

Office of the Attorney General of the State of California

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Race and Ethnicity Resources

American Studies Web: Race and Ethnicity

The UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center

Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Native American Issues

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Jonathan Kozol Page

American Civil Liberties Union

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U.S. Demography at Columbia University

Bureau of Labor Statistics-Occupational Outlook

Galileo Internet Resources

Office of Population Research at Princeton

Population and Demography

Population Reference Bureau

Population Research Institute at Penn State

Population Studies Center at U of Texas

Social Science Information Gateway

Social Science Data Analysis Network

Bureau of the Census

Statistical Abstract of the United States

The World Fact Book

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Theory and Methods

RAND Corporation

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research


Roper Center for Public Opinion

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Sex and Gender

National Organization for Women

Ms. Foundation

Feminist Majority

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Family and Marriage



Master's Degree in Social Work Information​

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