AUDITION INFORMATION - For the COC Theatre Department

Interested in being part of the Theatre Department productions?

Upcoming Auditions for the FALL semester productions 
Monday August 21st & Tuesday August 22nd 2017
In the Blackbox Theatre at 6:45 pm
Valencia Campus

This Fall's Season includes:
  • A Piece of My Heart b​y​by  Shirley Lauro,  Directed byErin McBride-Africa​
  • Generation Why: A Devised Piece Conceived and Directed by Jeff Wienckowski​
  • Kill Me Deadly by Bill Robens, Directed by Jonathan Pope Evans​​

​General Audition Information
  • Our productions are classes, and all participants are students enrolled in the class.
  • Auditions are open to everyone.  If you are cast, you will be required to register for the class. 
  • To audition, please prepare a a two minute monologue.  If you​ don't have a monologue, there will be sides available for reading.  For more specific audition informatio, please read below.
  • Show up at one of the audition dates & times.  Auditions are first come first served basis.
  • If you are auditioning for a musical, or for a play with singing, please prepare 16-32 bars of music.  
  • It is helpful to be familiar with the plays before audition.
  • It is also helpful to read the specific audition information listed on this page.
  • Please note that there are many wonderful supporting roles.  If you will only accept certain roles in a play, please be clear on your audition form and in person.  It saves time everyone time.​
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Fall Semester 2017 COC Theatre Productions
​Cast Breakdown & Producton Information:
A Piece of My Heart
By  Shirley Lauro
Directed byErin McBride-Africa
Performance Dates: Friday & Saturday, Oct. 6, 7, 13 & 14 | 8 p.m.                 Sunday, Oct. 8 & 15 | 2 p.m.         In the Black Box Theatre
Rehearsal Schedule:  Monday- Friday: 6:30 – 10pm    Saturday 9 am – Noon
Tech Week Begins Sunday October 1st and runs through the opening of the show

The true stories of six courageous women sent to Vietnam and their struggle to make sense of a war that irrevocably changed them and a nation that shunned them. A work with the music and soul of a tumultuous era in our history. It has been named "the most enduring play on Vietnam in the nation," by The Vietnam Vets Association.
MARTHA (22-42) Strong, self-composed, aura of self-discipline, military bearing. Strong face, American, almost pioneer in feeling.
MARYJO (17-37) Blond, pretty, outgoing, bubbly personality. Texas accent. Sexy; a funny comedienne
quality: but sad inside. Must be skillful guitarist and singer. *See special audition notes.
SISSY (20-40) Sweet, feminine, outgoing. Sense of fun. Also sense of harmony and warmth to personality.
WHITNEY (21-41) Tall, slender, withdrawn, contained. Very aristocratic in bearing and quality. A Vassar graduate.
LEEANN (20-40) Asian or Biracial. Attractive. Strong, tough, determined in nature. An urban, hip quality to her personality.
STEELE (35-55) Black. Extremely strong, military bearing. Very intelligent, outgoing, great sense of humor. A pragmatist. Southern.
THE AMERICAN MEN (18-60) Tall, very American looking. Versatile actor needed for variety of roles.
Potentially up to 4 additional ensemble members, any age, gender, or ethnicity.
For auditions:
Actors are asked to perform a 1-2 minute monologue. If you do not have a monologue prepared, you will be given a selection from the script to read. Actors will be asked to sing at callbacks, but not all roles necessarily require singing.
*Actors auditioning for MARYJO are asked to prepare a few bars of a song to sing and self-accompany on guitar - prepare a folk song, or a selection from the show (examples: Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Puff the Magic Dragon, Mrs. Robinson).
Don't let lack of preparation time discourage you from auditioning! Actors interested in this role will also have a chance to play and sing at callbacks.

Generation Why: A Devised Piece
Conceived and Directed by Jeff Wienckowski

Avacado Toast or Crippling Debt:
What defines a generation? This devised piece will explore the myths and realities of growing up in the millenial generation.
The play will most likely follow the intersecting lives of a group of twenty-somethings struggling to make their way in a world that seems to have passed them by.​

Jeff Wienckowski will lead the cast through a collaborative process of creating an original work of theatre. The roles will be created and developed by the company. The process will demand full engagement, both physically and creatively, from the actors. Actors will be expected to participate in acting exercises, improvisation, writing, and movement work. Musicians, dancers and designers are encouraged to attend auditions as well. 

Performance Dates:  TBA in the Studio Theatre (S-130)
Rehearsal Schedule:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 3:00 – 6;15 pm


by Bill Robens        Directed by Jonathan Pope Evans​

Performance Dates: Fri & Sat, November 10, 11, 17, 18 • 8 pm       Sun, November 12 & 19 • 2 pm           In the Blackbox Theatre
Tech Week Begins Sunday November 5th and runs through the opening of the show

About the Show: Charlie Nickels has a hard life as a gumshoe in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, and things are only made harder by the murder of a client and the theft of her 300 karat diamond. With the help of his wise-cracking secretary, Ida, Charlie seeks out the many suspects: smarmy bookworm Clive, equestrian beauty Veronica, snooty butler Wilson, sensitive muscle Louie, and mob boss Bugsy Siegel. At the center of the case is femme fatale Mona, a nightclub singer who captures Charlie's affections...and suspicions. Packed with romance, intrigue, and murder, this detective noir is a smart parody that will keep you guessing until the end.

From JP Evans: “Please prepare a comedic monolouge.  If you do not have a comedic monologue, don’t fret.  Perform what you have.  I want you to show me your very best.  Wow me, regardless of the material.

Character Breakdown:

Charlie Nickels (Lead) – Male 30-50 -- Hard-bitten private investigator.  Any ethnicity.

Monica Livingston – (Lead) – Female 20-39 -- Femme fatale; bring 16 bars (Approx 1 minute to 1 ½ minutes long) of a torch/lounge song appropriate to the time period.  If you do not have a torch/lounge tune, you will be taught a simple jazz tune at the audition. Singing is not an absolute requirement for the role so don’t feel anxiety about the singing. Any ethnicity.

Ida (Lead) – Female 30-59 -- Charlie's girl friday.  Any ethnicity.

Lady Clairmont (Supporting) – Female 40-70 -- Wealthy dowager.  Any ethnicity.

Veronica Clairmont (Lead) – Female 20-25 -- Leggy heiress.  Any ethnicity.

Clive Clairmont (Supporting) – Male 20-29 -- Nerdy heir, bookish.  Any ethnicity.

Jaime (Supporting) – Male 20-49 -- Nicaraguan gardener.  Any ethnicity.

Adrian Wilson (Supporting) – Male 40-69 -- English butler.  Any ethnicity.  If you are auditioning for the role of Adrian Wilson, please do not attempt an English accent within your monologue.  You will be asked to show possible accents during the call back and scene reading.

Louie (Supporting) – Male 30-59 – Lovable thug.  Any ethnicity.

Henry (Supporting) – Male 30-59 – Crazy thug – A real wild card.  Any ethnicity.

Dewey (Supporting) – Male or Female 30-59 – A not-too-bright cop.  Any ethnicity.

Jonesy (Supporting) – Male or Female 30-59 – Another not-too-bright cop.  Any ethnicity.

Bugsy (Supporting) – Male 40-50 – A renowned gangster.  Any ethnicity.

Fist (Supporting) --- Male 30-50 – Shadowy former boxer.  Any ethnicity.  Anyone with martial arts, boxing or kick boxing, or gymnastics experience please make it known during the auditions.

Lady Mary (Supporting) – Female or male any age – Crazy hobo.  Any ethnicity.

Stanley (Supporting) – Male or Female any age – Sane hobo.  Any ethnicity.

Shirley (Supporting) – Male any age – Impsing tough guy.  Any ethnicity.


Do I have to be a student, or can anyone audition? Each of our productions are a class.  Anyone can audition for our productions. If you are cast, you MUST registar for the course in order to participate?

Is there a prerequisite, or do I need any expereince?  No there is no experience nessceary.  

Some actors will be asked to sing at the general audition and the call back.  Again, it is not a requirement that you sing to be cast.  But if you can, show your stuff! 

This is your time to shine.  Prepare your material to show your brilliance.  Take a chance!  Live in the moment!  That’s what we want to see at a general audition.

Please note that there are many wonderful supporting roles.  If you will only accept certain roles in a play, please be clear on your audition form and in person concerning this.  It saves time everyone time.