The COC Theatre Department offers courses in both theory and practice. The department offers three degrees: An A.A.T. in Theatre, A.A. in Theatre (General) and A.A. in Theatre (Performance). The department is committed to teaching an immediately useful set of theatre skills, including acting, script-writing, design, technical production and directing while providing a wide spectrum of production experiences in which to practice them; and to place the art of theatre in its larger historical context. The theatre program presents theatrical productions for the college, community and students.
Why choose the COC Theatre Program?
  • 5-6 productions each year offering students both performance and technical theatre opportunities
  • Diverse curriculum in performance and technical theatre
  • Dedicated, award-winning instructors who not only teach, but work in the industry
  • Outstanding Performing Arts Center facilities
  • Additional performance opportunities in the Solo Performance and Improvisation programs
  • An active Drama Club that helps support productions and organizes student events
  • Excellent music and dance departments
  • And so much more...
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Here is a SLIDESHOW about the COC Theatre Program!

(Fall 2012 "Urinetown")