Goals & Outcomes
Theatre Program Goals:
  1. Foster academic excellence through development of certificate and degree programs that meet national standards.
  2. Prepare students for successful transfer to four year public and private programs or to pursue professional careers in the theatre, television or film.
  3. Enhance the cultural and aesthetic experience of our campus, community and region through quality productions and artistic and educational leadership.
  4. Embrace a standard of artistic excellence.
  5. Create widespread visibility through active participation with area school districts and theatres and KCACTF.​
Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOS)
Upon completion of their degree, students should be able to demonstrate the following abilities:

Associate in Arts Degree: Theatre Arts for Transfer
    1. Demonstrate a basic level of competency as a performer or technician (stagecraft, make-up design, costume construction or stage lighting technology) performing the duties of either in a realized production.
    2. Analyze and critique dramatic literature and/or performance.
​​​Associate in Arts Degree: The​atre

    1. ​​​Students will demonstrate performance techniques and proficiency in one or more technical area.  
Associate in Arts Degree: Theatre Performance
  1. ​​Students will demonstrate advanced performance techniques.