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4 Great Leadership Lessons from the Arts

Math and science are noble endeavors, but real leadership is taught in the arts. Here are four powerful lessons taught best by artists.
The Tony Awards for Broadway Theater are Sunday night, showcasing artists across America. As much as people spend money for movies, television, theater and music, why do business experts continue to ignore the incredible leadership teachings that come from the arts?
Several years ago, the author of the article below published a journal article called Entrepreneurs: The Artists of the Business World, after discovering through an anecdotal survey that more than 15 percent of the Entrepreneurs' Organization membership had arts backgrounds, compared to less than 5 percent who studied business.
Since this elite organization requires applicants to show $1,000,000-plus revenue, its members must be doing something right. Below are four leadership lessons taught regularly in the arts.
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Students who complete this degree will be guaranteed admittance into a Cal State system college (i.e. CSUN, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Fullerton, etc.). For more information about SB-1440:
Associate in Arts Degree: Theatre Arts for Transfer
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Theatre Arts for Transfer Degree 2014-16 Course Sequencing Guide.pdf

Students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate a basic level of competency as a performer or technician (stagecraft, make-up design, costume construction or stage lighting technology) performing the duties of either in a realized production.
2. Analyze and critique dramatic literature and/or performance.
Associate in Arts Degree: Theatre
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PROGRAM SLO: Students will demonstrate performance techniques and proficiency in one or more technical area.  
Associate in Arts Degree: Theatre Performance
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PROGRAM SLO: Students will demonstrate advanced performance techniques.  
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