Full Time Faculty  


Bob Maxwell




Office:   Seco Hall/ SCOH-207
Tele:      661-362-5926

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Diane Sionko


Office:  Hasley Hall/ HSLH-343
Tele:     661-362-3084     



Stan Wright


Office:  Bonelli Hall/BONH324
Tele:     661-362-3889
Email:   stan.wright@canyons.edu


 Adjunct Faculty
Ali Naddafpour  

E-mail:  ali.naddafpour@canyons.edu

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Bianca Philippi

Tele:      310-467-6849

Ara Norwood

E-mail:   Ara.Norwood@canyons.edu 

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Robert Johnson

E-mail:  Robert.Johnson@canyons.edu

Gary Lawson

E-mail:  Gary.Lawson@canyons.edu

Terry Martin

E-mail:  Terry.Martin@canyons.edu

Christina Chung

E-mail:   christina.chung@canyons.edu

Barry Morinaka

E-mail:  Barry.Morinaka@canyons.edu

Tim Fontenette

E-mail:  Tim.Fontenette@canyons.edu

John Francis

E-mail:  John.Francis@canyons.edu

Rebecca Robins

E-mail:  Rebecca.Robins@canyons.edu

Pandra Hawkins

E-mail:  Pandra.Hawkins@canyons.edu

Susan Gilbert

E-mail:  Susan.Gilbert@canyons.edu


To find the teaching schedule for any of our faculty, please refer to the online schedule on the COC web site.
If there is no contact information listed on this page for the faculty member you are seeking, please call (661) 259-7800 and leave a message with the operator.  All faculty have campus mailboxes located in the Administration Building. To leave a note for your instructor, you may drop it off in person at the COC switchboard or you may send it, addressed to your instructor, to:
College of the Canyons
26455 Rockwell Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91355