SCV Math Learning Consortium

Co-Chairs 2016-2017:

Elizabeth Flynn (Golden Valley High); Collette Gibson (COC); Mike Hubbard (COC)


Meetings 2016-2017:

9/20/16 in UCEN 222 4:15-5:15


COC Math Placement Chart

Technology Use.pdf at COC


High School Testing Results for 2015 (CAASPP results)
High School Testing Results for 2016 (CAASPP results)

Student Success and Support Program (3SP)
  This page has a link to the assessment exam. 

Accuplacer  (Placement Exam)
  * click on "Free Sample Questions" in the right hand column  (Updated Fall 2013.)
  * see pages 9 - 15 of the document for mathematics

How To Be A Successful Math Student   (Math video from 2012 for which you will need QuickTime.)

COC Research Brief #59  (June 2013)

Math Course Outlines

Math 058 or 059:  Algebra Preparation
Math 060:  Elementary Algebra
Math 070:  Intermediate Algebra
Math 075:  Intermediate Algebra for Statistics
Math 083:  Geometry
Math 102:  Trigonometry
Math 103:  College Algebra
Math 104:  Precalculus
Math 111:  Finite Math
Math 130:  Math for Elementary School Teachers
Math 140:  Statistics
Math 211:  Calculus I
Math 212:  Calculus II
Math 213:  Calculus III
Math 214:  Linear Algebra
Math 215:  Differential Equations
Math 240:  Math Analysis for Business and Social Sciences