How To Be A Successful Math Student   (Math video for which you will need QuickTime.)

COC Research Brief #59  (June 2013)

Student Success and Support Program (3SP)
COC's Math Placement Exam
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Math Placement/Sequence Chart
  (We offer more courses beyond Calculus I.)

Math Course Outlines: 
Math 025 or 026:  Arithmetic
Math 058 or 059:  Algebra Preparation
Math 060:  Elementary Algebra
Math 070:  Intermediate Algebra
Math 075:  Intermediate Algebra for Statistics
Math 083:  Geometry
Math 102:  Trigonometry
Math 103:  College Algebra
Math 104:  Precalculus
Math 111:  Finite Math
Math 130:  Math for Elementary School Teachers
Math 140:  Statistics
Math 211:  Calculus I
Math 212:  Calculus II
Math 213:  Calculus III
Math 214:  Linear Algebra
Math 215:  Differential Equations
Math 240:  Math Anaylsis for Business and Social Sciences