Department of Mathematics, Professor

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Contact Information
phone:  661-362-3711
office:   Seco Hall 202B
mailing address:  26455 Rockwell Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Schedule for Spring 2017 

Mondays:  8:25-1:25 in LTLC-158 (Math 140 & 075); 2:00-2:45 in my office

Tuesdays:  11:00-1:25 in LTLC-158 (Math 075); 2:00-2:45 in my office

Wednesdays:  8:25-1:25 in LTLC-158 (Math 140 & 075)

Thursdays:  8:30-10:30 in my office; 11:00-1:25 in LTLC-158 (Math 075)

Course materials are posted through Canvas.

Other office hours are available by appointment.  Please email me or speak with me in class. 


Math 075

This is our statistics path algebra class.  This course is not meant for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), nursing, business, kinesiology, or MLT (medical lab technician) students.    Majors or programs requiring specific biology and chemistry classes whose pre-requisite is either Math 060 or Math 070 should take the traditional algebra path. 

The book used in Math 075 is a free online book.  An emphasis will be placed on communication, collaboration, and critical thinking within the growth mindset environment.  You will be working with data sets and technology as you are introduced to the algebra used in Statistics.