Math 075/140 PAL Hybrid Pre-Semester Announcements (updated 01/22/2018)

Please continue to check this page for updates until our first on-campus meeting on

     Monday, February 5


     Hasley Hall (HSLH) 134 at the Valencia campus      Click here for a campus map

Please attend all scheduled on-campus meetings since you will complete and submit assignments and exams in person on those days.


Complete the following list of items prior to our meeting on Monday, February 5:

These instructions are for students currently enrolled in the PAL class.  You will not have access to our Canvas course until you officially register for our classes (Math 075 and Math 140)

1. Obtain StatCrunch access:  We will use StatCrunch as our primary statistical software.  Please purchase student access (6 months for $13.00) using the link below

Click here to purchase StatCrunch access

If you have ANY doubts about your enrollment in these courses, please feel free to wait to purchase this until the semester begins.  Refunds from the publisher for StatCrunch have a VERY limited time window.

2. Register and access the online course textbook, starting Monday, January 22Your textbook for both Math 075 and 140 is available online and will have a fee of $20.00

If you don't have an OLI account from a previous course:

Click this link:

OLI Sign Up

Complete the registration form.  When prompted for the course key, enter   kubo31460 ​(case sensitive and with a zero at the end)

CormConfirm that you are enrolling for access to our online material Math 075-140 PAL H Spring 2018 (Instructor:  K. Kubo)

ThenThen click on Enter Course to begin viewing the online reading.  We use Units 1 through 6 for Math 075.

For more detailed directions and screenshots, please refer to this document:  HOW TO VIEW OUR ONLINE TEXTBOOK


If If If you already have an OLI account:

Sign in to your account.  In the Register for a course text box, enter our course key

Confirm that you are enrolling for access to our online material Math 075-140 PAL H, Spring 2018 (Instructor:  K. Kubo)

Then click on Enter Course to begin viewing the online reading. 

In th

In the REgister for a Course text box

3. Login to your Canvas account, beginning Monday, January 29:  Your first set of assignments will be posted in Canvas, with some that are due online by 11:59pm on Monday, February 5.   I will email you when Canvas is ready for you to access. 


Default Student Login for Canvas


Username:  your MyCanyons username (for example: jdsmith)

Password:  students

Please change your password after you login to Canvas for the first time.

Instructions to change your password:  CLICK HERE FOR PASSWORD CHANGE


If you're new to using Canvas and need help, please refer to this website:  CLICK HERE FOR CANVAS HELP


Would you like to meet the instructor? 

During the week of January 29, I will be available for in-person or online appointments (via Skype or WebEx) to further assist you in completing these items and answer any questions or concerns you have about these courses. 

Please email me at 

to schedule an appointment.  In your request, include your meeting format preference (in person or online) and several day/time options.