Associate Degree & Transfer Information
​You have several educational options at College of the Canyons
1. Certificate Programs:
 ​What is a Certificate Program? Certifica​te Programs are a set of courses that prepare you for work in a specific career field. They are typically 18-36 units to complete. At the completion of the certificate you are well-prepared to gain an entry-level position in the field. No general education courses are required, so the time commitment is shorter than a degree program.
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2. Earn an Associate Degree:
 What is an Associate Degree? An Associate Degree is a college degree awarded by 2 year colleges, typically community colleges. It consists of 60 Associate degree units, a major and general education courses.
3. Prepare to transfer to a university
 What does that mean? Prepare to transfer to a university means that you will compete 60 university transferable units, the major preparation courses, the general education courses and meet admission requirements. This corresponds to the first 2 years of college (freshman & sophomore) work. You will then take these 60 units and your coursework to the university and finish the last 60 units (junior and senior) work to earn the Bachelors degree.
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​3. Career Resources
4. I have AP Credit. How does that apply to my Associate Degree or Transfer?