Psychology 101: Introduction to Psychology

Examines behavior through an exploration of major concepts, theoretical perspectives, research findings, and historical trends in psychology. Topics include biological, physiological, and cognitive processes; states of consciousness; learning, memory and intelligence; lifespan development; psychological disorders and therapies; and social behavior


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Required Textbook


ISBN  #  9781269914116
custom version of the text available in the COC Bookstore

Ciccarelli, S. K. & White, J.N. (2014).Psychology:  Fourth Custom Edition for College of the Canyons, (4th ed​). Upper Saddle River, NJ.  Prentice Hall.


<------you may use either version of the textbook as long as you are using the 4th edition of the text. Previous version of the text are not equivalent-------> 

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non-custom version of the text available through alternate sites.
An alternate to the printed text is an electronic version of the book that features audio text (it reads the text to you), embedded videos and simulations called REVEL. REVEL is accessible via desktops, tablets and smartphones. It also features built in interactive simulations and exercises to help you review for the quizzes and exams.

Students who purchase REVEL may also receive​ a loose-leaf copy of the printed textbook, if so desired.

YouTube video Explaining REVEL​​

REVEL Student Registration Instructions for Michelle LaBrie FAll 2015.pdfREVEL Student Registration Instructions for Michelle LaBrie FAll 2015.pdf

You may purchase a REVEL access code in the COC Bookstore OR you may purchase directly froom Pearson. Order instructions in the handout​.

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