​Transfer Information
Why Should I Transfer?
The purpose of transferring is to earn a Bachelor degree from a university. Students choose to earn a Bachelor degree for many different reasons, including: Academic interest, Personal growth & development, Preparation for a specific career or occupation, Preparation for a higher-level degree (Master or Doctor degree).
Future earnings are also a big reason why students choose to transfer. On average, people with bachelor degrees earn almost twice as much as people without them. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2000), bachelor degree holders earn an average of $2.1 million during their working life, while high school degree holders earn an average of $1.2 million. Graduate degree holders earn even more!
Types of Transfer Courses: Transfer coursework is usually made up of three types of courses: General Education, Prep-for-Major, and Electives.

1. General Education (GE) – Courses from a variety of disciplines that help you develop a well-rounded or “liberal” education. Most students follow one of the following three transfer General Education patterns:
  • CSU GE - Accepted by all universities in the CSU system.
  • IGETC - Accepted by all universities in the CSU system and most universities/majors in the UC system.
  • Private University Pattern - Private Universities may have their own General Education pattern. Consult with each University for guidance.
  • DO NOT use IGETC or CSU-GE if you'd like to become an elementary school teacher. Consult www.assist.org for the articulation agreement for the university.
2. Prep-for-Major - Courses to prepare for your major at the university. The courses you take will depend on your major and transfer university. Many prep-for-major courses may actually be in subjects other than your major, but are important to prepare you for study within your major. www.assist.org will help you locate major preparation courses for transfer to a public university in California
3. Electives – Most universities require that students transfer as “upper division” students (college juniors) after completing at least 60 transferable units. “Electives” are the classes you take in addition to GE and prep-for-major courses to complete your required number of units. Electives can be any course you choose, but should be transferable to the college you want to attend. You may want to take elective courses that interest you, fulfill elective requirements for your major at your transfer college or prepare you for an alternative major at your transfer college.
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