Class and Life Success Resources


You have the power to succeed, but you have to seek out information that will help you.

 You all know how to find a restaurant, movie, or driving directions, but where do you go to:

—Find out what classes you need to take?

—Get study help?

—Get help with test anxiety?

—Do volunteer hours?

—Get money for college?

Apply to transfer?


​​Come to see me anytime and let me know what you need to be successful.  I don't have all the answers, but I can help you find them.

If you see something, or hear something, say something.

Has someone made you uncomfortable? 

Has someone said or done something that led you to believe he/she would harm him/herself or

someone else? 

Please tell me

or contact Campus Safety

Valencia office 661/362-3229, cell 661/510-3882

Canyon Country office 661/362-3977, cell 661/362-8738