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Counseling 120 - University Transfer Planning
 This course introduces students with the necessary skills to facilitate a smooth transition to a four-year university or college.  The goal of this course is to prepare you for the challenges in selecting a transfer school and the application process.  You will be given the opportunity to identify the criteria that are important to you in a transfer school and write a decision analysis paper.
I have taught this class on line several times and I am always pleasantly surprised and satisfied both with the students enrolled in the class and the content of the class.  You may think that there is no that much to learn about the transfer process, but oh my goodness there is.  Every week we talk about a new topic that may include California state universities, private and out of state universities, the application process, financial aid and so much more.

I guarantee that it is a very useful and personal class as this is to prepare you and help you make the right choice for you as you select where you want to transfer.
Here are some comments from students who took my class this semester:
I hope you decide to give the class a chance. Wishing you all the best as you prepare to transfer!!
 These are letters my students wrote to future students about what they learned in Counseling 120. I hope they inspire you to take the class and invest on learning about the transfer process.
Dear Future Student:
Counseling 120 transfer courses is a class that is not typical of a counseling class that reinforces how to study or ways to take an exam, but this course evaluates your opportunities for university enrollment and it teaches you the key parts of how to transfer.
Understanding that college cost money is the biggest setback for most of us. Professor Perez helps us with exploring different universities by evaluating the cost, the requirements, and the basic information of how to get started.  She guides us to look at universities that interest us and see what the criteria are for enrolling and the cost of our choice. In addition, she explains in full detail how the UC and the CSU systems work in California. These can be confusing and being able to have links to resources and her videos of dissecting the ins and outs of the admission process is really helpful.
Simple tasks like signing up on the scholarship website as an assignment and looking at a few scholarships you might qualify for is a resource I will definitely use. As I said, college is expensive and the higher you go, the more it will cost. All these pieces of information the professor presents to us helps and gets us started.
I honestly liked the researching my favorite university to transfer too. It really did help me understand the admission process and writing the personal letter statement, it helped me see all the different majors my university of choice offered, and how much it would cost me. I learned that the university I chose, which was PENN state has complete online programs they call the “World Campus” and I did not know that. It makes the possibility of me attending PENN state in some near future an option now without needing to move away from family and friends.
The class is important just because it guides you with the different steps needed for transferring. It helps break down the unit requirements, what admissions are looking for from future students, the cost, how to apply for financial aid, and to look at different parts of the California system and private university transfers. If you don’t really know what to do or you have some idea of what to do or where you want to transfer too, this class will help you. The professor is easy to talk to and ask questions even if it is not related to the actual assignment.
Dear future students,
Counseling 120 has much to offer, from answering your entire question on transferring to helping you finding ways to afford college tuition. I can honestly say that I have learned so much from this class, it is not boring what so ever, because Professor Perez provides you with interesting topics such as exploring your major, figuring what classes to take at a community college, UC/CSU requirements, and so much more.
The thing that I really enjoyed about this class was that you don’t necessarily need to be a in classroom to learn, I enjoyed doing discussion boards every week because they really helped me understand the topics so much more due to the fact that we had to the opportunity to read other classmates post and what they had to say , it almost made me feel like I was in an actual classroom with them; because unlike normal classrooms where not many participate, in this class every one participates and it really helps because you get different ideas and opinions from everyone that can help you in the long run.
With all the information and knowledge of this course I will apply it towards the future when it comes time to transferring, because transferring can be pretty confusing but with everything I have learned in this class I hope for it to be a smooth transfer process. I also will apply to many scholarships with the help of Professor Perez she provided us with a great website that helps you find scholarships you qualify for.
I recommend this class to any student that is going to transfer, although it is not part of your GE requirement’s, this class helps you so much. This course helps you understand the process of transferring and you come across so much new information that your counselor won’t talk to you about. Future  students you might say no I don’t need that class or you might think that’s it’s a waste of time but it’s not believe me, if you take it online it doesn’t even feel like you have an online class because you don’t have a lot of work to do, Professor Perez gives you a decent amount that benefits you in the future.
Good Luck,
Past Student
Dear Students, 
In the last 8 weeks taking this course, I learned so much from Counseling 120. Counseling 120 covers anything from financial aid to everything about the University Transfer Process. I have benefited so much from this class. Before I started this class, I was between two completely different majors, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Registered Nurse Anesthetist (RNA). Not only was I stuck between two different majors, but also I was stuck between to well known private schools in California, University of Southern California (USC) and University of La Verne (ULV).
With using the different resource tools that were provided, such as and so on, I was able to learn more about the schools and what majors they offer. With further research and critical thinking on which would best suite me, I am determined to go through the Business route and transfer to USC.
If I didn’t take this course, I would still be going in circles in determine what major I want and what school to transfer. I know there are many students that are still struggling in the position I was once in. Therefore I would highly recommend those students that are not sure what path they want to go or where they want to study at, to take Counseling 120.
Also this class is very important for transfer students because this class teaches transfers students the steps and requirements to transfer to the school they want to attend.
Over all I highly recommend this class, Professor Perez is amazing and very helpful if you have any questions about the transfer process as well as any other academic questions. Counseling 120 is the best class I have ever taken because it has benefited my future in so many ways. I highly recommend taking this class!
Thank you for reading!
former student
 Wow, the semester has gone so fast with so much information gained.  I would recommend Counseling University Transfer course because there is so much information which is helpful not only to perspective students but parents.  I am both a perspective student and parent who gain a lot of insight on what the differences were between UCS and CSU schools.  I learned that the requirement for the UCS were more and required an entrance essay and possible interview, gpa of 2.4 and when to apply would be November 1-November 30.  CSU, GPA 2.0 and apply by November 30 end line.   I learned that selecting a college is very important and I wish I had this information before I helped my select his college.  As a student and or parent, it's important to due college research to find what the college has to offered for your major, what extra activities are available and what are the entrance requirements for each school. Everyone, regardless of financial income can apply for FASA and financial aid, grants and scholarships but the amount received will be based on financial need. In the beginning, I didn't know the difference between what a Cal Grant A,B,C stand for, even though I'm a student myself and anyone who meets certain criteria can be granted one. I also, liked that I learned about a new website for scholarships called and signed up myself but also signed up my son.  I would recommend this course to anyone regardless if student or parent because it's only been a learning ex[experience and helped with future financial needs in the future. 
Dear Future Students,
When it comes to transferring to a four year university the options are endless, but don't be afraid or overwhelmed with a little research it can be simple and fun. Taking a class like Counseling 120 can help you understand what steps you need to take towards your goal. Taking this class has helped me in many ways, I learned how to make an Ed plan in order to know where my standing is and how long it would take to get to transfer. I also learned how to calculate my GPA and when the deadlines for UC and CSU applications.
This class has taught me very much I would suggest that any student that wants to transfer take this class and it will not be time wasted. One very important thing that I learned was that you need to be involved in every step of your transfer you cannot just see a counselor once and think its going to be smooth sailing. You need to try and update your educational plan every semester and keep up your GPA. By being this involved you will keep your goal alive and reaching it will be something you strive for.
This is a letter to current and future students. Over the past 8 weeks this class has given me the inspiration to come out from hiding from higher education. The knowledge that I've gained from this class has expelled a fear that I had of not knowing what to do, where to look, and when to do it. It already has been far too long and I feel like i can finally kick-start my life with earning a degree, getting a career, and starting a family. As of now, I already have plans to explore the colleges that I have researched while in this class in the next coming months, then to eventually investigate their programs further online (now that I know how!), and most importantly APPLY! This has been my biggest hurdle and now i have the confidence to overcome it. 
For future students, I would highly recommend (and have already recommended to others) taking this class if you are having trouble with overcoming the same hurdles I have. Not only is this class a exploration of what you want to do with your life but it is also a reflection on who you are and what you truly want to do. I've been attending COC for far too long with no direction and no plans. I took this class because i knew i wanted to move forward but didn't know where to start, and well this is a good start. In these last 8 weeks I've changed my major and found true inspiration for what i want to do with my life and I can only hope that this class will do the same for you. 
Hope that all my fellow classmates and future student discover their calling and are successful in their pursuit to achieve those goals. And remember you are not alone when it comes to finding the correct path. Good luck to you all!

Counseling 100 - Success Strategies for the Reentry Student

This course introduces reentry students to the study of the educational, psychological, intellectual, social and health-related factors that impact lifelong learning, well-being, and success. Topics include: Motivation, self-discovery, creative & critical thinking, health/stress management, self-efficacy, study strategies, communication, campus resources, goal setting, educational planning, and career exploration. This 3 unit course meets the CSU GE Area E requirement.
I taught this class for the first time Fall 2012 and it was in all honestly the best class I ever taught.  What made the class so exceptional and rewarding was the adult reentry students that made the class a joy to teach.  I was inspired by each and every one of my students.  We bonded as a group and we made the class ours.  I tried to make it entertaining, as well a learning experience and expose students to what college has to offer them.  They had an opportunity to get to know their peers and work closely in groups each week as well as learn about themselves by preparing reflection papers about their experience in college. 
My goal was to get this class approved to teach on-line for students that would greatly benefit from this class but can't attend in person because they work late, live far or have family obligations and in Fall 2013 I taught the class on line for the very first time.  I was a bit apprehensive as to how it could mirror my experience face to face, but to my big surprise and I am sure all the students who took the class, it was just as fabulous.  To my personally I felt it created a safe and encouraging environment and their was a positive feel throughout the class.  My goal was to provide the support and constant feedback throughout the class and the students were very engaged and provided support to one another each week.  Other than missing seeing in person their actual faces, I did not miss anything else about the face to face because I felt I was able to provide a similar environment online that created an opportunity to be more engaged.  I found that more students are willing and able to share a lot more online than face to face.  So I love teaching this class online and I am currently teaching it again online and plan to do the same in Summer. I have designed the class to be user friendly, easy to navigate and engaging.  The assignments will be enriching and reinforce the textbook, as well as other assignments on related topics that are needed to be a successful student.  I will provide more feedback at the end of the semester. 
It is the ideal class for any adult reentry student considering or returning to school after being absent for a while.  I encourage you to give it a try, it will be a experience you will never forget.  I keep in touch with my students through email or they visit me in my office in a counseling appointment.  Just because I am no longer in the classroom with them does not mean I do not follow in their journey towards achieving their educational goals.  I am so proud of all of them and I wish them all the very best.  And I truly believe that where there is a will there is a way.


I had students write a letter to anyone their chose to about what they learned in the class.  Below there are a few examples of what students had to say about Counseling 100!  I hope you are inspired not just to take the class, but to help motivate you to stay in college!

Motivation is key to success, and this class will provide the necessary elements to benefit from and propel you to success. Whether you are coming out of high school, or have been absent from school for years, you will confront many obstacles along the way. This class will help ease your lifestyle by giving you tools that are applicable, not only for school success but for life success as well. Among those tools is time management, motivation, setting goals, and organizing information or tasks to simplify knowledge attainment. Personally, I benefitted from the strategic note taking and realistic short-term goals, setting goals is easy, but "realistic" goals have to be reasonable and that improved my belief in goals.

Interesting enough, I enjoyed the video reflections that the Professor would assign, because it really allows you to gather information and process it in your own methods. In retrospect to the video reflections, I find it to be a break from all the bookwork and text reading that doesn't necessarily apply to life. All the knowledge I've acquired will allow me to assess situations in my life more strategically along with my academic life. Keep in mind, you need to find ways to motivate yourself because at the end of the day you are the only person that can help yourself. During and after this course, you will apply what you learned to better learn the material as you progress academically and personally.

 Taking this course, provided you apply yourself will keep you motivated, focus on self-care and commit to your realistic goals and if you fail, get back up and use that experience to succeed next time. For a re-entry student, going back to school is difficult for so many reasons and this course is like an upgrade to yourself as a student because you become more aware of how students succeed and the course will guide you in the right direction. As a new student college is more difficult because there is a lot more reading involved, you have to manage your own schedule, and for some, that's not easy.

Professor Perez provided timely responses to any questions I had. She also is very organized and provides a structure of the work she is expecting, an example, and took the time to read and provide individualized feedback, which really helped keep me motivated because I knew she would take the time to read everyone's work. On a personal note, she's the most active instructor I've had on an online course.

Spring 2017 Student

Dearest Connie: (Professor Connie Perez)

Wow this one will surely bring me to tears. I have found this class to be amazing. It has pulled out of me so much that I didn’t even know was in me. I have learned so much, such as planning, organizing, study strategies that have helped me tremendously this semester. I have gone from a C on most tests to A’s. My concentration level is way up; my stress level is way down. The anxiety I had at the beginning is gone. I love the students, the interaction with them and the differences and similarities with them are so important in an online class. The information we received in this class (if they were all paying attention) is so valuable to carry us through our lifetime. I love learning new things especially when it is a class not specific to a subject but to a life.

This class is especially important to Adult re-entry students like me because we are a bit lost in our surroundings, a bit inept in navigating around online classes. Even young students will benefit greatly from this class that will make the next few years invaluable to them the knowledge they will pick up. I really feel this particular class should me mandatory for all campus students because it is so important the knowledge, power and performance it brings to us. I have gone through the past few years on this and other campus’s a bit lost and disheveled, maybe a bit out of place too, but I found so much solace here in this virtual classroom and so much support from not only you Connie, but from many of the students. I loved reading all the discussions that these students have and could relate to many of them.

I especially commend you Connie for your kindness, compassion and unique way about you. You bring learning to this class so easy for me and probably many others, reading all our work and commenting on it adds a personal touch to this online class that leaves us wanting to do more and more. I found I was always looking forward to Mondays to see what the next subject was that we were working on. I have found that my research and essay skills have sharpened so much that when I took an intro culinary class this semester the most fun I have had was doing the research and essay papers on different chefs. But the bottom line is that you, Connie have showed me how much knowledge I have within me and how to have so much fun pulling it out of me, you have allowed me to write and create and express myself freely which has been so liberating for me. You have given me so much this semester with your accolades and comments and advice.

I hope these students will like me, keep in touch with you because it is so important to know that there is someone on this campus that has your back and is always looking to help you pull your own God given talent and skills out of you to be successful in this life. You have been that person for me Connie, you struggled right there with me in the beginning when I had issues with blackboard, you showed patience and kindness and listened to my frustrations and helped me turn them into triumphs, and for that Connie, I am eternally grateful.  As for my fellow students, it has been an honor and a privilege getting to know you in this class and thank you for sharing a bit of your life with me and for acknowledging and supporting me. You can always find me in the testing rooms at the TLC-Valencia M-Th-Fr. I would love to see you and meet you. It truly has been my honor; you are all such amazing people. Be good, be kind, show your strengths, help others, live life to the fullest. And most important, get involved!!!!!  Georgina McDougal​​

Dear Mom,
As I wish a hundred times a day, I wish you were still here. I especially wish you were here so you could see what I've undertaken this year. You and Dad were always so supportive of my desire to get my bachelor's degree, and equally understanding when circumstances necessitated me leaving school for a while. "Awhile" somehow turned into 27 years, but you would be so happy to know I'm back in school, and this time, I'm going to finish.
Despite my worries about going back to school while working full time, I've been doing very well. Part of what helped me so much was attending a workshop here at COC that I just happened to hear about in passing, an adult reentry workshop. It was geared for people like me, older students who are reentering the collegiate world after a long absence. It offered assistance to these students, many of whom have families, full time jobs and other obligations. The workshop introduced me to my Success Strategy Adult Reentry counseling class. Imagine a class that not only fulfills one of my general education requirements, but that is also fun AND beneficial. It had been so long since I attended college, I had basically forgotten any study "strategies" I once had. This class has been teaching me not only effective study strategies, but also ideas for possible career paths (should I decide to change) and how to identify my strengths. I also love the exercises we do: there was a fun one on personality traits, and a very helpful one on time management. Until I did that last one, I didn't realize how much I was overextending myself. It taught me there are a finite amount of hours per week, and I need to plan accordingly. It's the perfect class for reentry students like me, but it would also be very helpful to brand new students, too. I wish something like this class had existed my first time around. It has helped keep me focused on my goal, and because of that, my motivation remains high. I would strongly recommend this class to new and reentry students alike.
I wish you could be there when I finally graduate. I know how proud you'd be of me. I know you would have loved hearing about this class, and how much it has helped me to focus on my goal of a bachelor's degree. All college students, no matter what their age, need help along their academic paths, and this class should be on everyone's schedule.
Your Soon-to-Be-College-Graduate,
Wow, where can I start with my gratitude to Mrs. Perez, and my children. First, these are the first six months of my new me. As some of you guys know this term has been so very hard for me that I taught I was going to drop all my classes, but Mrs. Perez gave me strength in her e-mails. My children are the cheerleaders of my life. My daughter says “you see mommy you are a smart lady". They believe in me and I'm learning to believe that I was born to be happy and accomplish something I always desired. When I went to see if I would return to school after more than 20 years, the first board I read was about the reentry adult counseling they have at COC. I went in the office and I got all my questions answered. This class is the one that has taught me to be motivated. For me that is the ingredient for my life, the motivation levels in my heart. To the one that broke my heart into many pieces, this is what you never wanted me to achieve but now that you are out of the picture I will be who I was meant to be. The strategies that has the class has taught me are so refreshing that I will always use them.
To the future students of this class, this is where you should begin. Getting advise since the very start of your education in school will guide you to have good grades and many ways to get help. I recommend this class to anyone.
Dear Professor Perez,
Taking this class has absolutely been my pleasure. When I first decided to return to college it came on the heels of going through a divorce and tons of swift transitions. At the beginning of the semester, I was filled with lots of uncertainties and questions of whether or not I could really return to school after so many years of being away from it. Questions like, will I be able to realistically keep up with the assignments? Do I have the study skills that it would take to be a good student? Will I be able to manage my time wisely between school and all of my responsibilities and work at the same time? There where times each week that I physically felt sick to my stomach, when it came time to take the quiz and to do some of the assignments. It wasn't because the work was hard, it was because of the overwhelming feelings that I would feel regarding my work load.
After each week would pass, I begin to feel more and more confident in my abilities as a newly enrolled 40 something student. To my surprise the topics and the assignments each week would address very specific areas of concern and learning. For example one of the assignments addressed time management and how one could successfully navigate through it. Wow!!! Some one that was always procrastinating and late for everything, was now budgeting her time and being successful at it. Not only was I now applying what I had learned in the class but I was also doing it in all of my classes. You should have seen my posture the very first time I mastered everything... shoulders straight, chest out, standing tall, head up and let’s not even talk about the strut lol! I think you get the point. I was now the poster child for confidence in my abilities of becoming a legitimate college student. Not to mention when I received one of the highest grades in my speech class along with the feedback from my Professor, well let’s just say it was a great day.
Time management was just one example of the countless things that I've learned in the class. I will take everything with me and apply it to all of my specific areas of study. I mentioned time management a few times, only because it was one of my biggest struggles that I have now overcome, as a direct result of taking this class. I would strongly encourage each new student to take the class very seriously and apply the knowledge that is given to them and to use it in all of their classes. As this class offers a platform for you to start building on so that you will have all the necessary tools that you'll need going forward to realistically obtain your degree and reach all of your goals.
In closing Professor Perez, I just wanted you to know that I will miss this class dearly as It has played a vital part in my decision to continue my studies next semester and thereafter until I have my degree in hand.
I wish you continued success with your current students and those that will enroll in the future! Professor your grade in the class in my opinion is an A++++
Thank you again,
Maria Clemons
There are classes meant to teach, wake-up past desires, take an average student in the right direction, and help a returning student to be able to do well in college. Look no further, my experience in Counseling 100 were unique and well worth the ticket. Day one we gathered in our room busy talk amongst the anxious older crowd. The Syllabus was handed out; “Oh my lord,” was my first words. This was not the easy class my counselor promised. There would be a paper due each week, and a text, and tests and everything. Okay I was a little overwhelmed coming back to school after 35+ years away. The Congress had recently passed a GI bill for older Vets with one catch, full-time student. I was taking Macroeconomics, Astronomy (online), Poli-sci 150, and Counseling 100 all requiring lots of work. And I was wearing a cast on my right hand to make things even harder. How was I going to complete all this work and keep my sanity, the stress, the stress? The key for me turned out to be “Professor Connie Perez,” and yes Counseling 100. Lots of class work and preparation but I followed her advice and eventually it sunk in and helped me through my semester at COC. Because Connie was so adamant with her students to do the work, try new techniques taught each week in class and text that I truly had a shot at my, “A”. I not only recommend this class (Counseling 100) but if by chance you see Connie’s name as the teacher run don’t walk to sign up. I just completed my second semester at COC and because of the prep work in Counseling 100 I ended up with 883/1000 points in my English 102 critical thinking class, an A, two B’s and a C in Spanish. Thanks Connie…
Larry Wieczorek, English Major

 My journey while taking this course was extremely helpful to me.  I have been out of school so long and this was a great refresher course. This class really kept me motivated and focused on the goals that I have set for myself. I really enjoyed the section on time management I had a really full day before I started college and I didn’t believe I would have enough time in the day to complete my assignments. When we began this section on time management it really helped me map my schedule out and I was able to organize my day and time. Time management is something that will always be a part of my life, it just make everything a little less stressful for me.

        If you’re starting college and you’ve been out of school for a while I would really advise you take this course. This is a great refresher course that helps you with tools you really need. You learn about your study habits if you have a support system where you can go on campus to get the help you need and the support you have there. I’m thankful I decided to take this course because I became familiar with taking notes again and writing essays. If it wasn’t for this re-entry class I believe I would have struggled this semester in all my other classes but because of all the tools I received in this course I did really well in all my classes and for that I am thankful to my Professor Connie Perez.​


Counseling 150 - Student Success (3 units)

This course was designed to integrate personal growth, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and academic success.  Introduce students to the benefits of higher education, educational planning, goal setting and career choices.  As well as to guide students through the process of self discovery which emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, self-responsibility and self-empowerment. 

I asked my students to reflect on their learning and to write a letter to future students, here are some examples of what they wrote.

Dear future students,

During this course, I have learned how to cope with stress, successfully take notes, and I have learned great study habits. I think the most important thing I got out of this class was to learn how to stay positive and have great self-esteem. Before getting into this class, I wasn't nearly as organized as I am today and I definitely didn't have the knowledge to learn how to cope with stressing over assignments or due dates that I would lose track of. One thing I enjoyed most about this course was having the weekly discussions that were about each student or their outlooks on the topics we would have to discuss. It was fun and enjoyable to learn about other students and their opinions because it felt as if I got to know some people without physically meeting them.

I highly suggest this course to be taken by students in the future because it really teaches you to become a responsible and organized college student which is very important to learn. Looking at all these different strategies and seeing which ones work for me and which ones don't, was also a great experience. This class is important for new students, because going into college can be scary for some, and if there is a class available to make sure we stay on track and test out our positives and negatives, then it is a great way to learn about yourself and your abilities.

Dear students,

If you are looking for some guidance on planning your college path, this class with definitely help you. I learned how to navigate the library online, organize my notes better and so much more. Even my note taking skills have improved. I have gradually monitored my test scores because one of my biggest problems was keeping my class notes organized and kept together in preparation for study time. When it came time to study, I was lost and spent most of my time just organizing the mess of notes I had created.

The other thing that you should know is that this class is reasonably paced and you are bale to retain what you learn. I have had classes where it seems like so much information is jam packed into a semester and it is so hard to recall anything that I even remember learning in that class. In this class it was much different. You will not only do a lot of self-discovery activities, but you will find out the assignments are meaningful and you will end up keeping the handouts and websites for reference for a very long time. You can’t go wrong taking this course even as a developmental course to polish your skills.


Future Students

This class is great for anyone who wants to be more successful throughout their college career. I have learned useful information and techniques in this course that can be implemented throughout my future college courses, and even in my future career. This course has taught me many studying techniques that can help me improve my test scores. I learned many useful ways to take notes and stay on task in class. This course has shown me countless methods for note taking and studying that I previously did not know about. I have also learned how to be a successful student and how to stay on the right path to achieving my goals. This course has also shown me how to keep a positive attitude through any situation. I will use all of the information I have gained from this course throughout the remainder of my time in college. I can even use many of the techniques I learned in the real world and in future jobs.

I will definitely recommend this course to any student looking to better their college experience. This class is crucial for new students because it helps them have an understanding of what is expected in college. It also helps students learn important techniques early on that they can use throughout their time in college. Overall, this class has taught me more about studying, note taking, and personal growth than I had previously known. I would recommend this class to any new student just starting College of the Canyons.

Dear Future Students,

I think class is especially amazing for students just entering college. This course is designed to help students be successful in their careers at school and help with overcoming problems in life as well. Over the past 12 weeks in this class, I learned all sorts of ways on how to balance school life with your personal life. This meaning I learned different ways to handle stress, high levels of workload, learn to cope with issues so that they don't effect our school life and as well as great tips on determining what exactly each student should major in or pursue for their future. This class provided us all with different tools to overcoming the overload of information we receive in community college and ease it into a better understanding so we can figure out whats next for us after this point. By this I mean it shows us the guidelines and materials to finding something we are passionate about. 

I think the best way to put this class into words is a perfect stepping stone for those who are unsure how to be successful in college and in their lives. Community college is a great transition for students before jumping into a University or the work force. It gives us the options to broaden our knowledge or what we like and dislike. In my opinion I think this class should be taken by all students as a way to figure ourselves out and be given the essential tools to ensure a positive future. All in all I am glad I took this course and would recommend to all students, especially those lost on what to do after this step in their lives. 

Dear future students,

       Taking this course, I and those around me, have noticed a positive change and growth in the person that I am. I have learned a lot from this course, and even with the information that I did know, it just helped me to put those things into action. Some of what I have learned while taking this course is better study habits, guidance for my path in college, controlling my inner voice, and all around just having an enjoyable and successful life and college experience. I enjoyed everything about this course, honestly. It was great to interact with the other students and see their views and learn some things from them as well, through the weekly discussion boards. You know the saying, "Practice what you preach"? Well, you might already know some of the information taught in this course and you preach to others about it to help them in their lives, but you are not applying it to your own life and maybe, you want to, but you just do not know how or where to start, well, because this course forces you to reflect on yourself and your life, you will get the opportunity to practice what you preach and apply all of the helpful and positive tips to your life to help improve it.

       I would definitely encourage others, whether you are a re-entry student or a new student, to take this course because it teaches information that everyone should know and apply to their life, as you can see, from my previous statements. Also, we all know that school can become stressful and overwhelming and that is why a course like this is definitely a necessity for me to keep me on track and to help me stay positive and motivated. I truly enjoyed the twelve weeks of being in this class and, in addition to all of this, Professor Perez is such so amazing and she made my first semester of college just that much more enjoyable; you would not want to pass up the opportunity to take this awesome course and have her as your professor.

Counseling 111- Introduction to College & Strategies for Success (1 unit)
I have taught this course to students in the Academy of the Canyons at COC for two semesters.  It has been a very rewarding experience and I have enjoyed it very much.  This course will provide students with an overview to the college environment and will assist students with college success.  The goal of this course is to prepare students for the challenges of college by encouraging individual initiative, confidence and motivation. Topics include student responsibilities, college policies and procedures, study skills, time management, academic programs, student service departments, choosing a major and career, educational requirements, self awareness, multi-cultural awareness and various topics relating to education planning and success.  This 1 unit course meets 1 unit of the CSU GE Area E requirements.
Students in AOC have shared with me that although the course requires a lot of work which they did not expect, they find themselves giving it a very good review and state that they have learned valuable skills that will help them in college.  I try to make the class interactive and as exciting as possible.  At times, it is difficult to engage student's participation and their is a lack of interest by some students.  So my challenge is to try to reach as many students and make it personal so that students can relate to the skills I am trying to help them develop.  My favorite part of the class is getting to know the students by reading about their background and their interests.  Students have an opportunity to present in front of the class and I have enjoyed their speeches.   
I have also taught this course on-line since 2009 and it has been definitely a different experience. Although I do miss the student contact, I feel that I get a lot of contact in using different methods on-line and enjoy that students share a lot more than they would in a face to face class.  The best experience is when students are interactive and engage in the discussion boards only then can we build a learning community on-line.  Students quickly learn that they have to stay on top of each week as time slips away and many find themselves scrambling for more time or do their work at the last minute. They soon find out that it doesn't work in an on-line class and begin to make changes to their old habits.  Many if not all students comment on how much they learned and how many useful strategies they will take away that can be utilized in other courses, in their work setting or in life in general.  It makes it all worth it when I read their final essays.

Counseling 010 - Career Exploration (1 unit)
This course assists students in making career decisions.  Emphasis is on selecting a career based on personal interests, abilities, values, and goals through self assessment and career research. I really enjoyed teaching this class.  It was a lot of fun getting to know the students and witness their discoveries about themselves.  Many students shared with me that they were skeptical about the class, but after they completed the class they felt assured that they were headed in the right direction in regards to their career goals. For some students it made them aware of what stage of career development they were at and what steps were needed in making a good decision about their major or career.  Many of the activities helped students to confirm what they already knew, but it made it more clear and they learned what it would take to get there.  For other it was an eye opener as they begun to discover more about themselves and realize that what they originally thought they have chosen as a career was not at all something that matched their personality or their values.  If you are just beginning college or are undeclared this class would be of great class to take.

Counseling 070 - Becoming a Successful Distance Learning Student (1 unit) (Offered credit/no credit basis only. Non-degree applicable.)
This course is designed for students who want to acquire the skills necessary to be a successful distance learning student including word processing, synchronous (chat) and asynchronous (e-mail) discussion tools, and Internet research.  Includes a review of personal learning styles and time management skills.  Familiarity with the Windows operating system and keyboarding is assumed.
I have taught this class on-line in as a 5 week course since 2010.  It is a fast faced course and requires a lot of time.  I have enjoyed teaching students who come from so many different backgrounds and educational experiences.   Some include re-entry students returning to school from an absence of several years, new students, first time freshmen from high school as well as continuing students who are new at taking on-line classes.  Students will learn to interact in an on-line class and utilize the necessary tools and features on Blackboard to be successful on-line learners.

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