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Don Takeda"Thanks" for your interest and for visiting the Microbiology web page. Introduction to Microbiology is a transferable five-unit, lecture and laboratory course that covers various microorganisms, i.e., bacteria, viruses, protozoa, algae, fungi, and parasitic worms, their significance, and their role in human affairs. General biology (BIOSCI 100) or cellular-molecular biology (BIOSCI 107) with a minimum grade of ‘C’ is a prerequisite. Instructor-student contact is always well established and maintained; with discussion and study groups strongly encouraged. Introduction to Microbiology meets student needs in areas of general education, transfer requirements, and preparation for professional programs - as a prerequisite for allied health programs or MLT programs. The course is augmented with a dedicated computer laboratory to assist and support student learning with aids and resources not available elsewhere on campus.
As you view this site, the concepts and applications of microbiology are all around and influence us on a daily basis. We see these influences in acknowledgement of public health ratings at restaurants, assurance in the safety of our drinking water from a recreational-use lake, gene editing of organismal genomes, to current issues of emerging diseases...   to name a few. The dynamics of microbiology are diverse and enormous. The THRILL of microbiology IS infectious!
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