Jim Wolf, Professor of BiologyJim Wolf

Jim Wolf earned a BA in Biology and a MS in Environmental Biology from CSUN, graduating first in his class. Jim's thesis involved work on the giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera (the kelp you see right off the coast of California!).  He studied the effects of light spectrum (specifically blue light) on the ability of the algae to metabolize carbon.  Most studies on algae metabolism are done in sunlight, after the algae is brought to the surface.  For some algae, this is satisfactory, but Jim discovered that blue light actually causes more photosynthesis that just white light alone. 
Jim has worked in almost every position is academia, 11 years directing the animal research lab and marine wet lab at CSUN as well as extensive experience in retail and the private field.  In a nutshell, Jim has been full time, part time, staff, faculty, administrator, grant funded, private and public sector, academic, vocational, retail, sole proprietorship, consultant, volunteer, etc…and practically any other manner of employment in the field of biology!  
In 1996 Jim took a full time administrative appointment working at California Lutheran University (CLU) overseeing the California Lutheran University Enriched Science (CLUES) program. This program brought cutting edge biotechnology training, equipment and supplies to area high schools. He also oversaw the Irvine Scholars Program, which was for students interested in pursuing careers in the medical and biotechnology fields.
In 2000, Jim accepted an offer from College of the Canyons to create and direct the college’s emerging biotechnology program.  Over the next 8 years, Jim developed the curricula and technology, installed a state of the art clean room training center, certified the biotechnology program with the State and started a successful outreach program modeled on the CLUES program. Currently Jim is the Outreach Director; to date over 50,000 students have enjoyed the program.
While at COC, Jim has enjoyed teaching a range of classes from biotechnology and clean room science to cell/molecular biology, general biology, organismal biology, environmental biology and some grant related material such as, “Biology for Engineers” and “Cleanroom Technology”.  While Jim has enjoyed many of the other opportunities for full time faculty, it is the classroom that Jim is most at home. 
Jim proudly describes his family as having a wonderful and beautiful wife (Saliha), a spry, handsome son (Ramy, 7) and humorous and always interesting mother (Mary) in their lovely house in Simi.  Jim’s one big passion is gardening but also enjoys traveling with his family. Ramy has already been to France and Algeria (twice) and the family is looking forward to retiring in Europe.