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Instructional Service Agreements

Instructional Service Agreements exist between public agencies or private entities and the College to provide specific training and services. ISA’s at College of the Canyons provide college-level training for several public safety agency’s employees and trainees. Individuals with specific expertise and training can be hired and assigned to teach courses that are approved through the college’s curriculum approval process. Students successfully completing these courses can receive college credit.

The Offices of Academic Affairs and Instruction collaborate with the Admissions and Records Office, Institutional Development, and Human Resources to coordinate Instructional Service Agreements for College of the Canyons. For more information on ISA at COC, please click on one of the links below.

​Resources for ISA Instructors
​General Information
ISA Instructor Minimum Qualifications
ISA Contact Information​
ISA Instructor Checklist.pdfISA Instructor Checklist.pdf
​Calfornia Community College ISA Guidelines
ISA Instructor Application.pdfISA Instructor Application.pdf
Link to ISA Curriculum​
Human Resources Board Policies.pdfHuman Resources Board Policies.pdf

AP 4610 Instructional Service Agreements.docxAP 4610 Instructional Service Agreements.docx
ISA Instructor Orientation.pdfISA Instructor Orientation.pdf
ISA Orientation Acknowledgement Form.pdfISA Orientation Acknowledgement Form.pdf