Certificate of Specialization: General and Emerging Technologies Laboratory Technician

The General and Emerging Technologies Laboratory Technician (GET LAB TECH) program came from a need to train students in entry-level and advanced laboratory technical skills for the industrial workplace. GET LAB TECH focuses on basic science and workplace skills with a goal of preparing students for entry-level jobs in laboratory-science based industries.

The core classes for the General Laboratory Technician Certificate of Specialization were designed to show the way in which scientific laws, principles, and formulas are used by real people, in the real world, in the workplace.

The GET Lab Tech courses:
• Are skills-based
• Use context-based learning
• Integrate academic concepts into technical courses
• Are taught in a workplace environment
• Emphasize cooperative learning
• Show how scientific laws, principles, and formulas are used in the workplace

Student Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the core laboratory technical skills and knowledge required for employment in the industrial workplace.

Program Requirements:

Units Required: 14.5

BIOSCI-090 Biology for Technology 3.0
BIOSCI-095 Cleanroom Technology 1.0
CHEM-090 Chemistry for Technology 3.0
CIT-140 Survey of Microsoft Office Programs 3.0
ENGR-090 Exploring Gadgets, Engineering, and Technology 3.0
INTERD-010 Careers in Technology 1.0
INTERD-090 Health and Safety in the Laboratory 0.5
Recommended electives:  
NANO-010 Introduction to Nanotechnology 2.0