Associate in Arts Degree: Liberal Studies-Elementary Teaching Preparation

The Liberal Studies-Elementary Teaching Preparation (Multiple Subject) major is designed for students who are interested in transferring to four-year college or university in Liberal Studies or a teacher preparation program. The requirements of this major includes general education requirements for the associate's degree.

Students planning to transfer should meet with a counselor to identify required courses for their specific transfer institution and develop an educational plan.

Student Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the core academic skills and knowledge required for transfer into liberal studies or a teacher preparation program at a four-year college or university.

Program Requirements:

Units Required: 53-54

Plus three – four units from the following:  
ENGL-101 English Composition 3.0
ENGL-101H English Composition - Honors 4.0
Oral Communication  
Plus three units from the following:  
COMS-105 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3.0
COMS-105H Fundamentals of Public Speaking - Honors 3.0
Critical Thinking  
Plus three units from the following:  
ENGL-103 Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking 3.0
PHILOS-106 Critical Reasoning 3.0
SOCI-108 Thinking Critically About Social Issues 3.0
Plus three units from the following:  
ENGL-102 Intermediate Composition, Literature and Critical Thinking 3.0
ENGL-102H Intermediate Composition, Literature and Critical Thinking - Honors 3.0
ENGL-250 British Literature I 3.0
ENGL-251 British Literature II 3.0
ENGL-260 American Literature I 3.0
ENGL-261 American Literature II 3.0
ENGL-273 World Literature I 3.0
ENGL-274 World Literature II 3.0
MATH-130 Math for Elementary School Teachers 3.0
Plus 11 units from the following:  
BIOSCI-100 General Biology 4.0
GEOL-109 Earth Science 3.0
PHYSCI-101 Physical Science 4.0
History and Social Science  
Plus 12 units from the following:  
GEOG-102 Cultural Geography 3.0
HIST-111 United States History I 3.0
HIST-111H United States History I - Honors 3.0
HIST-161 World History I 3.0
POLISC-150 Introduction to American Government and Politics 3.0
POLISC-150H Introduction to American Government And Politics - Honors 3.0
Performing and Visual Arts  
Plus three units from the following:  
ART-110 Art History: Ancient to Medieval 3.0
ART-111 Art History: Renaissance to Modern 3.0
ART-205 Landmarks of Art and Visual Culture 3.0
DANCE-100 Dance Appreciation 3.0
MUSIC-105 Music Appreciation 3.0
THEATR-110 Understanding Theatre 3.0
Human Development  
Plus three units from the following:  
ECE-120 Child Growth and Development 3.0
PSYCH-172 Developmental Psychology 3.0
PSYCH-172H Developmental Psychology - Honors 3.0
EDUC-203 Introduction to Teaching in a Diverse Society 3.0
Required Electives  
Select a minimum of six units depending on requirements for your transfer institution of choice:
ANTHRO-220 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion 3.0
CIT-140 Survey of Microsoft Office Programs 3.0
ENGL-111 Introduction to Linguistics 3.0
HIST-120 The Role of Women in the History of the United States 3.0
HIST-210 History of California 3.0
HIST-230 History of American Indians 3.0
HLHSCI-100 Health Education 3.0
PHILOS-101 Introduction to Philosophy 3.0
PHILOS-120 Introduction to Ethics 3.0
PHILOS-220 Introduction to Comparative Religion 3.0
SOCI-105 Multiculturalism in the United States 3.0
SOCI-200 Introduction to Women's Studies 3.0
SOCI-200H Introduction to Women's Studies - Honors 3.0