Certificate of Achievement: Biotechnology

Biotechnology represents one of the fastest emerging fields of science today. Locally there is a rapidly emerging job market for individuals with all levels of training in biotechnology. The certificate program provides students with a core curriculum that includes both a strong foundation in theory, as well as extensive hands-on training in biotechnology. Students interested in cell-molecular related fields should seek
work-based training in biotechnology. Continuing education in the form of internships is available, and will help to solidify a career choice. Entry-level positions (with either an A.S. or Certificate training) are numerous and salary ranges are based on qualifications. Additional training makes candidates more competitive, and students should recognize that biotechnology involves life-long education. Many of the courses in the certificate program articulate with four-year schools. Students are encouraged to consult with a counselor for more detailed transfer information.

Student Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to assess and distinguish the theory and experiment-based skills in biotechnology necessary for research, entry-level positions, and/or transfer.

Program Requirements:

Units Required: 21

BIOSCI-096 Cell Culture Techniques 2.0
BIOSCI-098 Quality Control and Validation 1.0
BIOSCI-107 Molecular and Cellular Biology 4.0
BIOSCI-107H Molecular and Cellular Biology - Honors 4.0
BIOSCI-190 Introduction to Bioinformatics 2.0
BIOSCI-230 Introduction to Biotechnology 4.0
CHEM-151 Preparatory General Chemistry 4.0
CHEM-151H Preparatory General Chemistry - Honors 4.0
MATH-140 Introductory Statistics 4.0
MATH-140H Introductory Statistics - Honors 4.0
Recommended electives:  
BIOSCI-095 Cleanroom Technology 1.0
BIOSCI-221 Introduction to Microbiology 5.0
ENGL-091 Introduction to College Reading and Writing 3.0
ENGL-094 Introduction to Technical Reading and Writing 3.0

Planned Course Offerings 2011-2013

Gainful Employment