Paralegal Studies Associate in Arts

The paralegal profession continues to be one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. COC's Paralegal Studies curriculum prepares students for positions as paralegals in order to improve the accessibility, quality, and affordability of legal services The Paralegal Studies program goals are to ensure that students who successfully complete the Paralegal Studies Program by obtaining an associate degree have a broad-based understanding of the American legal system and the role of the paralegal in that legal system; the legal theoretical background needed to perform paralegal tasks in substantive areas of law and legal specialties; the knowledge of procedural law emphasizing the paralegal’s role in litigation, mediation, and arbitration; the skills in areas including investigation, legal research, conducting an interview, and written and oral communications; ethically serve the public and the legal system; and the tools needed to become contributing members of the legal profession. Successful paralegals have excellent organizational skills and the ability to perform complex, detailed work quickly and accurately, as well as the ability to work well under pressure. Examples of tasks commonly delegated to paralegals include performing legal and public records research, obtaining and organizing evidence, interviewing clients and witnesses, conducting legal research, and drafting legal documents.

Student Learning Outcome
Demonstrate proficiency in the core skills and knowledge required for employment as a paralegal.

Recommended Pathway to Completion: Pathway to Law School