Water Systems Technology Associate in Science

Water Systems Technology is the study of water treatment processes, distribution processes, and wastewater processes. The program is designed to prepare students seeking a career in drinking water treatment and distribution or wastewater. The Water Systems Technology program also provides instruction for water and wastewater industry personnel interested in career advancement as well as continuing education opportunities for State certified Water Treatment and Water Distribution Operators for certification renewal. Coursework will help prepare students for various certification examinations given by the State of California Water Resources Control Board. Upon completion of the program, students will acquire skills and knowledge in water treatment concepts, wastewater treatment concepts, chemical dosage techniques, water distribution, water chemistry, water quality, water mathematical calculations and other skills needed throughout this vital industry. The students completing the program can become employed as a distribution operator, water treatment plant operator, water service representative, water quality specialist, wastewater collection worker and/or wastewater treatment operator.
Student Learning Outcome

Demonstrate proficiency in the core skills and knowledge required for employment in the water and wastewater industry. 

Recommended Pathway to Completion:  Water Systems Technology-AS (Part-Time)

Recommended Pathway to Completion:  Water Systems Technology Certificate (Full-Time)