What is First Year Experience and the First Year Promise?

Several colleges nationwide offer first-year or freshman-year programs to assist students with the difficult transition from high school to college. FYE (First Year Experience) Programs have demonstrated marked success in improving student retention and persistence, particularly for at-risk, first time in college students.
At College of the Canyons, the First Year Experience (FYE) is a comprehensive program exclusively for first-time, full-time enrolled freshman. FYE supports first-time, first-year college students with their transition to college life. Through yearlong academic classes, programs, and activities, students will learn skills that will enhance their college success and build a foundation for lifelong learning.
Students in FYE will be enrolled in 14 to 16 units every semester. Students will take English, Math, Counseling and the FYE Freshman seminar courses in Fall and then start their major coursework in spring. Students will be expected to participate in workshops and mentoring designed to enrich their learning experiences at College of the Canyons. FYE students must enroll in the entire program of classes and workshops. 
Students enrolled in the FYE program will be part of College of the Canyons' new College Promise Program. The First Year Promise will cover all enrollment and college fees, parking, and printing fees for students enrolled in FYE for the fall and spring semesters. FYP will also provide students with a $100 textbook and supplies card for the COC Bookstore.
FYE applications will open by April 1, 2017. Have questions?  Please contact fye@canyons.edu. 

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