English as a Second Language

English skills are key for non-native students, as they open the door to improving interpersonal communication as well as professional opportunities.
Below you will find a list of ESL topics offered in Supplemental Learning activities.
Subject Description
Cultural Expectations 1: Distinguish three to five college and classroom expectations from their own culture with those from America.
Cultural Expectations 2: Identify college resources beyond the classroom and contrast the availability of such resources with resources in their own countries.
Grammar / Comma Splices: Recognize and correct comma splices.
Grammar / Commas with Subordinate Conjunctions: Write complex sentences with commas in appropriate places..
Grammar / Fragments: Recognize and correct common fragments. .
Grammar / Parallelism: Identify and produce parallel structures.
Speaking Up 1: Appropriate language and register for interacting with a college professor.
Speaking Up 2: English language phrases appropriate to the linguistic situation.
Speaking Up 3: Identify strategies to communicate information accurately and identify pronunciation mistakes.