What are Guided Learning Activities (GLAs)?

Guided Learning Activities are computer tutorials on a variety of topics, such as English, Math, and Study Skills. Unlike workshops and practice jams, GLAs are not limited to a schedule --you can complete a GLA when you have the time. Check with The Learning Center (TLC) for the times and days when tutors are available to help you with the GLAs.
Some things to keep in mind when doing GLAs:
  • Schedule -- There are no GLAs offered during the first two weeks of classes. No workshops or GLAs can be completed during the last week of the semester. There are some days and times when GLAs are not available. Check with the TLC.
  • Location -- GLAs have to be completed on Campus (not online) at the TLC. The Canyon Country GLAs are available in CCC-306.
  • ID -- You will need to take your student ID card (not just the number) to be logged into the system at the front counter when you enter to TLC.
  • Multiple GLA limit -- Students can complete up to 2 workshops or GLAs per day.