The College of the Canyons Summer Bridge Program consists of a rigorous, eight-week summer program which provides a diverse group of first-time college students a head start in their transition to college. It introduces students to the academic expectations of higher education, familiarizes them to valuable campus resources, and provides opportunities to foster social and academic relationships with peers, staff and faculty.

Summer Bridge consists of three major components:

1. Academic Classes – Bridge scholars enroll in two credit courses. The first course is either Math 060 [for STEM majors] or Math 075 [for non-STEM majors] (5 units) or English 096 (4 units), depending on the results of their placement exams. The second course is either Counseling 110 or Counseling 150 (3 units).

2. Campus Resources – Summer Bridge collaborates with departments across campus to provide informational workshops to teach students what services are available for them. These departments include Financial Aid Office, Extended Opportunity Programs & Service, The Learning Center, Personalized Accelerated Learning, Counseling, Student Health & Wellness, Disabled Students Program & Services, Transfer Center, Job & Career Center, and Associated Student Government.

3. Social Development – Students will participate in study groups, campus activities, and peer mentoring, providing opportunities to make connections with students who have similar backgrounds, majors, and career goals.


Students who participate in Summer Bridge will receive

1. Priority registration for the Fall semester.

2. Daily access to counselors, faculty, and peer mentors during the program.

3. Access to in-class tutors and supplemental learning activities designed to ensure student success.

4. Better preparation to start the Fall semester on the right foot.

5. A comprehensive educational plan.


Interested in becoming a Summer Bridge Student? Summer Bridge students must be eligible for English 096 and/or Math 060/070/075 via the COC Assessment test.

For more information and to be eligible for the COC Summer Bridge Program, please sign up for and attend one of the mandatory student orientation workshops listed below.

Workshop dates:

Tuesday May 17, 2016 5:00pm to 6:00pm: Register by clicking here!
Wednesday May 18, 2016 5:00pm to 6:00pm: Register by clicking here!
Monday June 6, 2016 12:00pm to 1:00pm: Register by clicking here!


 For more information, please contact Denee Pescarmona, Dean of Instructional Support and Student Success at denee.pescarmona@canyons.edu6194252535_c9e3c2f6bf_b.jpg