Academic Staffing Committee

The Academic Staffing Committee (ASC) of the Academic Senate recommends to the CEO the hiring priority for all academic full-time faculty positions. The recommendations include recommendations to hire for new FT faculty positions as well as recommendations to hire to fill vacant FT faculty positions created by retirements, terminations, and resignations. 
Meets: Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month at 4:00pm

Committee Faculty Chair:
Miriam Golbert, Committee Faculty Co-Chair

Administrator Chair:
Dr. Jerry Buckley, VP Instruction/Administrator Co-Chair
Faculty Appointments:
Alan Strozer, Applied Technologies
Eric Arnold, Business 
VACANT, Humanities 
John Wissmath, Kinesiology and Athletics 
Patty Robinson, Learning Resources 
Chris Ferguson, MSHP
Erik Altenbernd, SBS 
Diane Solomon, Student Services 

Other Members
Dr. Michael Wilding, VP of Student Services/Assistant Superintendent
Dr. Diane Fiero, VP of Human Resources/Assistant Superintendent

Recommendations from Academic Staffing Committee



Recommendations from Dr.Van Hook:






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