Academic Staffing Committee

The Academic Staffing Committee (ASC) of the Academic Senate recommends to the CEO the hiring priority for all academic full-time faculty positions. The recommendations include recommendations to hire for new FT faculty positions as well as recommendations to hire to fill vacant FT faculty positions created by retirements, terminations, and resignations. 
The Academic Staffing Committee meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday at 3:30 pm. 
Faculty co-Chair: Peter Hepburn
Administrator co-Chair: Jerry Buckley, Vice President of Instruction
Faculty Appointments: Chris Blakey, Chris Ferguson, Diane Baker, John Wissman, Karyl Kicenski, Connie Perez, and there are currently vacancies for one faculty representative for School of Business, School of Visual and Performing Arts, and Applied Technology. 

Recommendations from Academic Staffing Committee

Academic Staffing Memo May 24, 2017

Recommendations from Dr.Van Hook: