Agendas with Summary of Prior Meeting

2015 Agendas Feb 12.pdfFeb 12.pdf; Feb 26.pdfFeb 26.pdfMar 12.pdfMar 12.pdf Mar. 26.pdfMar. 26.pdf April 23 agenda.pdfApril 23.pdf May 7.pdfMay 7.pdf May 21 agenda.pdfMay 21.pdf

2014 Agendas
(Feb. 13; Feb 27; Mar. 13; Mar. 27; April 24, May 8May 22;Sep 11.docxSep 11.docx Sep. 25.docxSep. 25.docx; Oct. 9.docxOct. 9.docx Oct 23.docxOct 23.docx Nov. 6.docxNov. 6.docx Nov 20.docxNov 20.docx December 11.docxDecember 11.docxDecember 11.docx Feb 12.pdf

2013 Agendas (Feb. 14Feb. 28Mar. 14Mar. 28April 11April 25May 23Sept. 12Sept. 26Oct. 10Oct. 24, Nov. 7; Nov. 21; Dec. 12

2012 Agendas (Feb. 9Feb. 23Mar. 8Mar. 22April 12April 26May 10May 24Sept. 13Sept. 27Nov. 8Nov. 29; Dec. 13)

2011 Agendas (Feb. 10; Feb. 24Mar. 10Mar. 24April 14; April 28; May 12; May 26Sept. 15Sept. 29Oct. 13Oct. 27Nov. 10Dec. 8)  

2010 Agendas (Feb. 25Mar. 11Mar. 25; April 15April 29May 13; Sept. 9Sept. 23Oct. 14Oct. 28Nov. 18; Dec. 9)
2009 Agendas (Feb. 12; Feb. 26Mar.12; Mar. 26; April 23May 14Sept. 10Sept. 24Oct. 8Oct. 22Nov. 12Dec. 10

2008 Agendas (Feb. 14Feb. 28Mar. 27April 24; May 8Sept. 11Sept. 25Oct. 9Oct. 23Nov. 13Dec. 11
2007 Agendas (Feb. 8Feb. 22Mar. 8Mar. 22April 26May 10Sept. 13Sept. 27Oct. 25Nov. 8Nov. 29;   

2006 Agendas (Feb. 23; Mar. 9; Mar. 23; April 27May 11May 25Sept. 14Sept. 28Oct. 12Nov. 9Nov 30)

2005 Agendas  and Attachments (April 14April 28Sept. 8; Sept. 22; Oct. 13; Oct. 27Nov. 10Dec. 8​​​

Materials for Agenda Items

Below are links to documents that are not attached to the Agenda prior to the Academic Senate meeting. This is done to reduce the file size of the agendas.


10/9/14 3SP Plan:SSSP_Plan_Template_2014-15_Final.doc.pdfSSSP_Plan_Template_2014-15_Final.doc.pdf; Organizational Chart.pdfOrganizational Chart.pdf; 2014-15_SSSP_Credit_Budget_Plan_8-26-14.pdf2014-15_SSSP_Credit_Budget_Plan_8-26-14.pdf; Canyons Adopted Budget Report.pdfCanyons Adopted Budget Report.pdf 10/23/14 Equity Plan Link:

BP 3420:BP 3420 Equal Employment Opportunity.docBP 3420 Equal Employment Opportunity.doc AP 3420 EEO PLAN submission revised.docxAP 3420 EEO PLAN submission revised.docx


2/12/15Academic Senate Program Review (Draft): Academic Senate Program Review 2014-15_Draft_2-9-15.pdfAcademic Senate Program Review 2014-15_Draft_2-9-15.pdf

2/26/15 REVISED Academic Senate Program Review (Draft): REVISED 2014-15 Program Review_2-19-15.pdfREVISED 2014-15 Program Review_2-19-15.pdf