2013-14 Faculty Appointments to Committees 

The Academic Senate President appoints faculty members to serve on all committees as per the 10+1 responsibilities of the Academic Senate. At COC, there are Senate Committees, College Committees and Collegial Consultation Committees. Collegial Consultation Committees are composed of administrators, faculty and classified representatives. The Academic Senate's Bylaws require the Academic Senate to confirm the faculty appointments annually. ​Here are links to 2013-2014 College Committees and to 2013-2014 Collegial Consultation Committees.pdf.

​                  Academic Senate Committees                                                         Members
Academic Staffing Committee
Wendy Brill-Wynkoop, Faculty CoChair
(Requires Division representation)
Chris Blakey (Humanities); Chris Ferguson (MSE); VACANT-FAPA;   Diane Baker (Allied Health & Public Safety); Dorothy Minarsch (CTE); Renee Marshall (ECE); John Wissmath (PE/Athletics); Karyl Kicenski (SS&B)
Academic Standards Committee
Diane Solomon, Faculty CoChair
Dennis Bauwens, David Brill, Heidi McMahon
Constitution & Bylaws Committee
David Andrus, Chair​
Rebecca Eikey, Michelle LaBrie, Ruth Rassool,​
Curriculum Committee
Ann Lowe, Faculty CoChair
(Requires Division representation)
Intranet site with agendas and minutes
​Mary Bates (MSE); David Brill (FAPA); Joseph Voth (Humanities); Lee Hilliard (CTE), Anne Marenco (SS&B); Tina Waller (Allied Health & Public Safety); Chelley Maple (SSSP Director - non-voting); Saburo Matsumoto (At-large); Shane Ramey (Adjunct); Christy Richter (Enrollment Services); Diane Solomon (At-large); Diana Stanich (PE/Athletics) Rhonda Hyatt(P/E Athletics)
Elections Committee
Michael Sherry, Chair
​Ruth Rassool (Adjunct)
Faculty Professional Development Committee
Teresa Ciardi and Lisa Hooper, CoChairs
(Requires Division representation)
Intranet site with agendas and minutes
Mehgen Andrade and Phil Gussin (SS&B); K.C. Manji and Kevin Jenkins (FAPA); Sandy Carroll (Allied Health & Public Safety); Lee Hillieard (CTE); heather MacLean and Mike Harutunian (Humanities); Brandon Hilst (MSE);  (Enrollment Services); VACANT-PE/Athletics;
Cindy Stephens (ECE); Peter Hepburn (Learning Resources)
Honors Steering Committee
Dr. Miriam Golbert, Faculty CoChair
Intranet site with agendas and minutes
​Dennis Bauwens, Mehgen Andrade, Kim Gurnee, Victoria Leonard, Diane Solomon, Julie Jacobson (Adjunct) Lisa Malley, Tammy Mahan, Majid Mosleh, Brent Riffel, Deanna Riveira.
Interdisciplinary Committee
​Brittany Applen, Juan Buriel, Kelly Burke, Saburo Sabumoto
Learning Communities Committee
Dr. Juan Buriel and Rebekah Villafana (adjunct), Co-Chairs​
Vince Devlahovich, Alberto Loaiza, Anne Marenco, Debra Zednik (adjunct)​ Adam Kempler
Minimum Qualifications and Equivalencies Committee
Dr. Edel Alonso, Chair
(Requires Division Representation)
Intranet site with agendas and minutes
​Pamela Brogdon-Wynne (Student Services), James Gilmore (MSE), Lee Hilliard (CTE), Ron Karlin (Learning Resources), Jennifer Hauss (Humanities), K.C. Manji (FAPA), Pamela Williams-Paez (SS&B), Lori Brown (Allied Health and Public Safety), VACANT - PE/Athletics Aivee Ortega (Counseling)
Policy Review Committee
David Andrus, Chair
​Thea Alvarado (Adjunct), Chelley Maple, Rebecca Shepherd 
Program Review Committee
Dr. Miriam Golbert and Paul Wickline, CoChairs
(Requires Division Representation)
Intranet site with agendas and minutes
Nicole Faudree (SS&B), Howard Fisher (PE/Athletics), Peter Hepburn (Learning Resources),VACANT (CTE), Garrett Hooper (Student Services), 
Renee Marshall (ECE), Tina Rorick (Allied Health and Public Safety),
Deborah Sison (Humanities) Bob Maxwell(Business) Ann Lowe(Nursing) Renee Marshall(CEC)
Scholarly Presentation Committee
Robert Brode, Kelly Cude, Nicole Faudree, Michael Leach, Russell Waldon, Pamela Williams-Paez
Student Learning Outcomes  (SLO) Committee
Dr. Rebecca Eikey, Chair
(Requires Division Representation)
Intranet site with agendas and minutes
​Tammy Bathke (Allied Health and Public Safety), Nicole Faudree (SS&B), Peter Hepburn (Learning Resources), Rachael Houghton (Allied Health and Public Safety), Rebecca Kroll (Adjunct), Anne Marenco(SS&B), Andy McCutcheon (Humanities), Diane Solomon(Student Services),
Cindy Stephens (ECE), Rhonda Hyatt (PE/Athletics), VACANT-CTE​, VACANT-MSE​ Ann Lowe(Nursing)