2015-16 Faculty Appointments to Committees


The Academic Senate President appoints faculty members to serve on all committees as per the 10+1 responsibilities of the Academic Senate. At COC, there are Academic Senate Committees, College Committees, and Collegial Consultation Committees. Collegial Consultation Committees are composed of administrators, faculty and classified representatives. The Academic Senate's Bylaws require the Academic Senate to confirm the faculty appointments annually to Academic Senate Committees and to the Collegial Consultation Committees and Faculty chairs (or co-chairs) are approved by the Academic Senate.


Academic Senate Committees

The following committees are standing committees of the Academic Senate. Membership on these committees is approved by a majority vote of a quorum of the Academic Senate.

  • Academic Staffing Committee
  • Academic Standards Committee
  • CETL Steering Committee
  • Civic Engagement Steering Committee
  • Committee for Assessing Student Learning (CASL)
  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Elections Committee
  • Faculty Professional Development Committee
  • Honors Steering Committee
  • Learning Communities Committee
  • Minimum Qualifications and Equivalencies
  • Policy Review
  • Program Review (Academic)
  • Program Viability
  • Scholarly Presentation

Sen. Comm.201415.xlsxSenate Committees Complete list

Collegial Consultation Committees

The following faculty are appointees of the Academic Senate. Collegial Consultation Committees are a reflection of the spirit and requirement of AB 1725. These committees draw their membership from all employee groups, and include student representation. They are charged with examining issues relevant to their particular area of focus, fostering dialog on possible solutions, and ultimately making recommendations for moving forward.

  • College Planning Team
  • College Policy Council
  • Facilities Master Plan
  • Enrollment Management
  • Technology Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Accreditation Committee
  • Advoc​acy Team
  • Institutional Effectiveness and Inclusive Excellence (IE)2


College Committees

The following College Committees 

  College Comm. 201415.xlsxCollege Comm. 201415.xls​