Departments 2015-2016
The Academic Senate holds elections in the spring semester of every even number year to elect Department Chairs to serve 2-year terms. As per the COCFA Bargaining Agreement (Article 12 Section K3), Department Chairs must teach at least a majority of their regular teaching load in the designated department to be eligible for selection as a department chair. In the case of multiple candidates for the position in a department with two or more full-time unit members, the Academic Senate shall conduct an election in accordance with the election procedures approved by the Academic Senate. See the Senate's Procedures for Department Chairs Election.  Only unit members with a majority of their load in a department are eligible to vote for the Chair of that department. Excluded from the above requirements are Counseling Chair and Library/Media Technology (LMTECH) Chair who shall be elected by counseling unit members and LMTECH unit members, respectively. Department Chairs will serve a term of two years and may serve multiple terms. The term shall start on the first day following the last day of instruction of the spring semester. In the case departments want to split or merge, see the Senate's Department Merger and Splitting Procedures and the Department Name Recommendation Form and Proposal
Allied Health and Public Safety Division
*Administration of Justice - Patti Haley, Chair
*Fire Technology - Keith Kawamoto, Chair
*Health Sciences/EMT - Patti Haley, Chair
*Medical Lab Technology - Hencelyn Chu, Director and Chair
*Nursing - Tina Waller, Chair
Career Technical Education (CTE) Division

*Alternative Energy - VACANT
*Architecture and Interior Design - Dorothy Minarsch, Chair
*Culinary Arts and Wine Studies - Cindy Scwanke, Chair
*Engineering Technologies (Land Surveying, Construction Management, Water Systems  Technology) - Regina Blasberg, Chair 
*Hotel and Restaurant Management - Kevin Anthony, Chair
*Manufacturing Technology - VACANT
*Plumbing - VACANT
*Telecommunications and Electronic Systems (Computer Electronics, Computer Networking, 
*Telecomunications Technology) - Lee Hilliard, ChairTelecomunications Technology) - Lee Hilliard, Chair
*Welding - Tim Baber, Chair

Education Division
Diane Stewart​, Dean
*Early Childhood Education - Renee Marshall, Chair
Student Services Division
Debbie Rio​, Dean
*Counseling - Garrett Hooper, Chair​
Fine and Performing Arts (FAPA) Division
Dr. Carmen Dominguez​, Dean
*Art - Michael McCaffrey, Chair
*Dance - Phylise Smith, Chair
*Graphic Arts and Multimedia Design - Kevin Jenkins, Chair
*Media Entertainment Arts - David Brill, Chair
*Music - Dr. Bernardo Feldman, Chair​
*Photography - Wendy Brill-Wynkoop, Chair
*Theatre - Paul Wickline, Chair
Humanities Division
Jennifer Brezina, Dean
*American Sign Language - Debbie Sison, Chair
*Cinema - Gary Peterson, Chair
*English - Juan Buriel, Chair​
*English as a Second Language - Heather MacLean, Chair
*Humanities - Adam Kaiserman, Responsible Facultyy, Chair
*Modern Languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish)- Dr. Claudia Acosta, Chair
*Philosophy - Chris Blakey, Chair
Kinesiology/Physical Education/Athletics
Len Mohney​, Dean
Learning Resources
James Glapa-Grossklag
*Kinesiology/Physical Education - Howard Fisher, Chair​
​Omar Torres, Dean

*Biological Sciences - Dr. Miriam Golbert, Chair​
*Chemistry - Dr. Rebecca Eikey, Chair
*Computer Science - Chris Ferguson, Chair
*Earth and Space Science (Astronomy, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geology, 
  Geography, Physical Science) - Mary Bates, Chair
*Mathematics - Sab Matsumoto, Chair
*Phy. and Engineering - Dr. David Martinez, Chair

*Automotive Technology - Gary Sornborger, Chair

Social Sciences and Business
Dr. Patty Robinson​, Dean
​*Anthropology - Lisa Malley, Chair
*Business -Nicole Faudree, Interim, Chair
*Communication Studies -Victoria Leonard, Chair
*Computer Application and Web Technology (CAWT) -Melanie Lipman, Chair
*Economics -Guilleromo Cruz Chair
*History -Sherrill Pennington, Chair
*Paralegal Studies -Nicole Faudree, Chair
*Political Science -David Andrus, Chair
*Psychology - Dr. Deanna Riveira, Chair
*Real Estate, VACANT, Chair
*Sociology - Dr. Anne Marenco, Chair