Senate Forms
Proxy form 
Documents Requiring Academic Senate President's Signature
AB 1725  - Community College Reform Act (1988)
Academic Integrity Statement (May 2010)
Academic Senate Procedures for Full-time Faculty Office Allocation (2011)
Academic Senate Survey (2008)
Academic Senate Survey about The Academic Senate (2014)
Administrators Retreat Rights (2011-2012)
California Education Code
Checklist for Online Instructor Evaluation (2006)
BP and AP 4021 Program Viability.pdf
Department Merger and Splitting Procedures (Spring 2011)
Department Name Recommendation Form and Proposal
FERPA - Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (1974)
FERPA Guidelines at COC
Full-time Faculty Transfers (2008)
Guide to Effective Classroom Evaluations PT
Procedures for Department Chairs Election
Proxy for Academic Senate Meetings
Sabbatical Application 2008.pdf
Student Conduct Guide (2011-2012)
Senate's Standing Procedures for Department Chair Elections (2010)
Student Success Task Force Recommendations (Final January 2012)
Title 5 - California Code of Regulations
Visitation and Evaluation Report For Part Time Teaching Faculty
BP-APs Reviewed by the Senate's Policy Review Committee and Approved by the Academic Senate.docxBP-APs Reviewed by the Senate's Policy Review Committee and Approved by the Academic Senate.docx (2014)

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