2015/16 F01
Resolution on Support of the Recommendations of the Chancellor’s Accreditation Taskforce, Approved November 5, 2015
Senate letter and Resolution to Support Taskforce on Accreditation Recommendations.pdf

2015/16 F02
Resolution on Support on Course Management System Training, Approved December 2015
Resolution on CMS Input Final 2015.pdf

2015/16 S01
Resolution on Open Educational Resources, Approved May 19, 2016
2015/16 S02

Resolution on Nepotism, Approved May 26, 2016
Resolution on NEPOTISM.pdf

2015/16 S03

Resolution on Short Term Hiring Procedures, Approved​ May 26, 2016


2016/17 F01

Resolution on Civic Center Use, Approved​ November 10, 2016
Resolution on Civic Center Use.pdf

2016/17 F02

Resolution on Evaluation of Administrators, Approved​ November 10, 2016​

Resolution on Evaluation of Administrators.pdf

2016/17 F03

Resolution on Faculty Emeritus Program, Approved​ November 10, 2016​​
Resolution on Faculty Emeriti Program.pdf