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COUNS 100–Success Strategies for the Adult Reentry Student

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Section 31932-100% online 
8 Week Session February 5-March 31, 2018
Section 31933-100% online
8 Week Session April 9-May 31, 2018
This course integrates personal growth and values, academic study strategies and critical and creative thinking proficiency for adult reentry students, emphasizing the attainment of lifelong success in academic, professional, and personal development. This 3 unit course meets the CSU GE Area E requirement.
This class is designed for the Adult Reentry Student. It will reintroduce you to the college learning process. You will learn effective strategies to become a successful student. These include how to be a self-regulated learner, how to take effective notes, effective exam preparation strategies, time management, critical thinking, and so much more! Be prepared to actively participate in class. It will be lots of fun as you take part in weekly discussion boards, quizzes and fun assignments that relate to you! 
COUNS 100 is offered as both a 100% online class and a traditional, face-to-face class.  This course has been taught by Connie Perez, who has been part of counseling team since 2012.  She enjoys working with this population and is dedicated to working with students to assure their success in college. For more information about this instructor, please visit her personal website.
This is a wonderful class to begin your college experience and to help guide you in the right direction towards educational success.
"Thank you also for such an enriching experience.
I have loved every minute of your class, and have learned so much from it.  It was a great experience!"
COUNS 100 Student Fall 2013