Career Counseling Websites
Occupational Outlook Handbook

Find hundreds of different types of jobs—such as teacher, lawyer, and nurse that provides information on training and education needed, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, working conditions and links to related occupations.



Online, Monster Trak offers assistance in the job search from resume development to preparing for job interviews.


O*Net Center

A database used to explore occupations, identify current job skills (and get a list of occupations that match skills), and get a snapshot of the skills and knowledge required for selected occupation. This replaces the old Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

Richard Bolles' new internet site designed to supplement the latest version of What Color is Your Parachute, the grandfather of all career planning books.


JobStar Central

Produced by the public libraries of California, it has the best overall Resume resource guide on the WWW. The Career Guides feature links to trends, news, information by career area, career planning and assessment tools from one location. The Guides for Specific Careers is very helpful as they include the best information from various university career centers, links to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, "California Career Guides", and the About Work Career Database. Salary Information and the Hidden Job Market are also included.


Career Development eManual

The online version of the second edition of this manual developed by the University of Waterloo. A useful took for university students but also for others in any stage of career planning. Topics include self-assessment in personality, aptitude and values and how to match these characteristics with potential occupations. Job hunting strategies are also explored.


Career Ideas

A guide for career titles related to 22 popular college majors from the University of Texas.



Includes thousands of links to jobs, employers, businesses, education and career professionals on the web plus other career resources such as software lists, publications, resource evaluations with everything cross-referenced geographically.


Career Options by Academic Major

Kansas State University posts its own publication relating careers to college majors, and links to other similar sites on the Internet.


The Riley Guide

The Riley Guide introduces the online job search, listing many online sites and services that are useful for the job search.


Career Magazine

A career search service. It includes job postings which tend to have a technical focus and a free resume bank, there are valuable sections featuring articles devoted to college students (On Campus) and to women and minorities (Focus on Diversity).


Career One Stop

A website to locate occupation information, industry and state information. Multiple topics related to exploring the labor market, career tools, and more.


Mapping Your Future

You can explore careers, prepare for college (help with selecting a school and applying for admission), pay for college (financial aid!), and manage your money (student loans and more).


Princeton Review’s Career Exploration Page

Explore careers, majors, personal style and so much more.



Through College Board, it helps students explore majors, find colleges, and research careers.


My Cool Center

Allows students to explore various careers while still in school. Links to various topics like hot careers, which careers are a good fit and so much more!



The CAREERLINK website utilizes current computer technology, the internet, interactive feedback, and instant data analysis to provide you with information supporting your career development process.


My provides useful advice on college majors that a high school student or college freshman with your interests and achievements might enjoy and excel in. It’s free!


CSU Long beach - Career Center

This link through CSU Long Beach’s career center provides information on career counseling, choosing a major, career planning, graduate school, career workshops and resources.


UCLA Career Guide

A Guide through UCLA’s Career Center on career planning, job strategies, resumes, interviewing and more.


Careers & Colleges This website offers advise on Majors and Careers. We help with advice and tools you can really use - from self-assessment tests to help with finding your first job.