Welcome to the EAP/CAASPP/SBAC Page
The Early Assessment Program (EAP)  appears as part of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), and may also be reported as 11th grade "Smarter Balanced" Testing (SBAC) at your high school. At College of the Canyons, we want to recognize your effort on this assessment by offering you an exemption for your English assessment test if you meet certain criteria
Note that the EAP will not exempt​ you from the math assessment requirement at this time. For this reason we recommend all students take both the math and English assessment at COC (no longer a test, and takes less than 20 minutes on average), and then, if they do not place into our English 101 course, continue with the following steps below to apply for the EAP exemption.
This way students can use the higher of the two placements, and give you the most amount of options.
If you would like to apply for the English assessment EAP exemption, please click on the button below that appropriately reflects your test results. If you do not know your EAP results, you should speak to your high school counseling office. You may have been sent a paper copy of your CAASPP approximately 8 weeks after your high school testing completed (Junior year). 
                            Click on your EAP/CAASPP status below to get started! 

​​​Level 4 Standard Exceeded

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