Frequently Asked Question's

 You're new to college and there are a lot of things to get done before your can enroll in classes. We know you have questions, but before you rush into the Assessment Center have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. You just might find the answer you are looking for, or even answers to questions you didn't even know you had.


Q. When will I get my placement results?   A. Typically within a few minutes of finishing your assessment.


Q. Is it a timed Assessment? A. No, it is not timed, but typically takes between 10 - 25 minutes before your advisement appointment starts (typically around 90 minutes​ to do both parts, depending on how busy we are).


Q. What if I don't know my high school information? A. There are options on most questions that allow for this possibility (e.g. choice 'C' might be "I don't know")


Q. What if I don't Assess? A.  If you do not assess and do not have other forms of eligibility, you will be blocked from registering from courses with math or English prerequisites. In addition, by not completing a New Student Step, it may adversely impact your registration time slot.  


Q. Can I fail? A.  No, all students who assess will receive a placement.


Q. Can I transfer-in other school's test scores? A. As of January 2019, we no longer use a testing instrument, therefore we do not transfer-in or out assessment results. If, however, you completed math or English coursework at another college, you may want to have this evaluated to see if you need to take your math and/or English assessment (speak with our counseling office about this option, or send your official transcripts to Admissions and Records for evaluation).