Retesting Policy


Assessment tests are used to evaluate skill levels and are not intended to advance a student to a higher level. Once a student has received a grade in a course in a sequence the student can no longer retest to skip forward in the sequence. The course must be completed with a “C” or better before moving on to the next level. If students feel that they have the skills to be successful in a higher-level course, but lack the academic evidence, they will be referred to the counseling office for information on possible options.​
A student may retest in 6 months as long as they met any of the following requirements:
Students may retest if:
  • A course in a math,English, and/or ​ESL sequence has not yet been started.
  • A student received a W in their first course of math/language class and chooses to reassess their skills.
  • A student places into English, but prefers to take an ESL class
  • A student has started a math or language sequence at another college, but has not received letter grades in math or Language courses at COC.
Testing twice into the same course level means that the student must take that course and will not be allowed to retest in that discipline.
Any student that retests and gets a lower result has the option to enroll in either course level as long as the scores are valid from the previous assessment.
Students may NOT retest if:
  • They have completed a class and received a grade or credit for it. This also includes classes that a student receives a substandard grade in (D, F, FW, and NC).Students with substandard grades must repeat the course. 
  •  A student places in ESL, but prefers to take an English class (these student may retake the language or ESL test after 6 months).
  •      A student is currently enrolled in a math, English, credit ESL, and/or Chemistry 151 course (these students must drop or withdraw, prior to being eligible for a retest). Please speak with an Assessment staff person for advice if this is your intention.
Scores will be valid for two calendar years from the date the test was taken. If no college English, math, or ESL courses are taken for two years, students must retest to update their assessment profiles.