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How Do I Prepare?
As of January of 2019, the Assessment process will change and be based primarily off of students' academic histories rather than specific test questions. This means we no longer offer study guides for the assessment process.
When you come to assess, you should bring a photo ID (passport, driver license, high school ID card etc.). You should also know you COC ID number, and, if easily obtainable, bring an unofficial copy of your most recent high school transcripts for reference.
If you do not have access to your high school transcripts, you will still be allowed to assess. However, you should know that you will be asked questions about the last type of math and English courses you completed and how well you did in these classes. This is true even if you have not taken high school courses in several years (there are options on the assessment for these types of students, including "I do not remember"). 
Plan to spend about 90 minutes completing both your Assessment and Advisement step, which take place back-to-back for most students.  
The assessment is not only a process for generating math and English placements, we will also evaluate which student resources and programs are appropriate for you during the assessment process.
There are no right or wrong answers, and you cannot fail the assessment. 
You do not need to make an appointment, as assessments are done on a first-come first-serve basis. We will make an appointment to speak with an adviser as soon as your results are calculated (typically this will take place immediately after your assessment).   
 We look forward to assisting you.
Looking for the Chemistry ​challenge test?

The Chemistry challenge test is not required of new students, it is only for students who are attempting to 'test out' of CHEM 151 and need CHEM 201 for their majors. If you are interested in this timed test, see the study samples here : CHEMISTRY SAMPLE QUESTIONS
Looking for make-up exams for classes you are enrolled in?
These types of tests are proctored by the TLC testing area (661-362-3194)
Looking for Accuplacer testing?
Accuplacer was the standardized assessment tool we offered until December 12th, 2018. We no longer offer Accuplacer tests to students.
Looking for Non-credit ESL assessments?
Contact the non-credit/continuing education office 661-362-3304