Assessment is a critical component of your academic success. It provides the means to help you select classes appropriate for your background. Most new students will complete their placement requirement by doing an assessment at COC. However, some students may have credit from outside sources that will allow them to skip one or both assessments. These common exemptions include:

·   If you have taken an English and/or math course at another California public college or university.

·   If you have taken an English and/or math course at a California private college or any private or public out-of-state college.

·   If you have completed an Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus exam and/or English Literature or Language exam.

·   If you took the Early Assessment Program (EAP / CAASSP / Smarter Balanced) in the 11th grade of high school.

·   If you have completed a CLEP exam in Math and/or English.​

-   If you will still be in high school while taking classes at COC, you​  will only need to assess if the course you are attempting to register for has a math or English prerequisite. Refer to the college catalog and course descriptions to learn more.