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FIRST-TIME STUDENTS – Perfect Schedules!
Your Perfect Schedule is available at the Canyon Country Campus. Check out the list of sample       first-semester and full-year educational plans designed to set you on the path to academic success. These schedules are a perfect place to begin as you start your academic journey at College of the Canyons. You can also create your own Online Educational Plan through the Academic Planning feature available on MyCanyons. CCC classes are offered in a wide variety of formats, including evening, weekend, and hybrid options.   


CCC Class Schedule

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  Full-Year Perfect Schedules and Full Degree Pathways:



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Your Pathway to Success!
College of the Canyons’ Canyon Country Campus offers many options for students, including full degree programs that can be completed entirely at the Canyon Country Campus and/or online.  The above full year “Pathways” highlight several in-demand student degree programs such as Business Administration, Psychology, and Sociology. These pathways lead to an Associate Degree for Transfer, which provides students who earn the degree and meet CSU minimum eligibility requirements with guaranteed admission to a CSU, but not necessarily to a particular campus or major. The links above include resources and information about each pathway, including notation of class section numbers, meeting times, and formats of classes.
Many classes are available at the Canyon Country Campus in evening, weekend, hybrid or accelerated formats in addition to weekday mid-day formats, providing students a wide selection of classes to meet almost any student schedule. The Canyon Country Campus is your pathway to success—get started today!
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