​Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did the campus open and how does it help meet student and community needs?
The Canyon Country Campus, part of the College of the Canyons, opened on August 27, 2007.  The campus was built to increase access to higher education in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Studies had shown that about 32% of the nearly 21,300 students attending College of the Canyons at the time resided in and around Canyon Country.  Since that first semester, enrollment at the Canyon Country Campus has grown.  In Fall 2007, the campus served 3, 401 students; in the 2014/2015 academic year, the campus served over 10,000 students with more than 5, 000 students registered in fall classes. 
Future expansion in the district will occur at the Canyon Country Campus with plans to eventually build four two-story, and two three-story buildings totaling 240,000 square feet.  When the campus is fully built, it will serve approximately 10,000 students per semester.  Location information including maps and directions are available through the Public Information Office.
2. Where is the campus located, and what facilities and services are available on campus?
The campus is located at 17200 Sierra Highway in Canyon Country, about 1.7 miles north of the Soledad/Sierra Highway intersection.  The campus is 70 acres in size and houses over 37 modular buildings of classrooms, labs, and related student services.  There are 29 general education classrooms and fifteen labs including computer labs, Early Childhood Education Center, a Skills4Success lab, and lab space for the automotive, plumbing, and alternative energy programs.
Students services on campus include Counseling, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Business offices, an Assessment and Student Health and Wellness Center, as well as offices for specialized programs such as CalWorks, EOPS, the Veterans Resource Center and the Job and Career Center.  The campus also has a Library electronically linked to the Valencia campus, and The Learning Center (TLC) staffed with tutors to support student success.  Computer stations are available for student use in the Student Services Computer Lab (building 1-B), the ASG Computer Lounge (204), Library (307) and TLC (306).
There are also offices for the administrative staff, faculty, Campus Safety, Computer Support Services and Technology Center, campus Switchboard and Reprographics center.
For a full listing of campus services, hours and office locations please visit our Campus Services & Department Hours page.
3. What are the plans for permanent buildings on campus?
Future District plans for the Canyon Country campus will include four two-story buildings, and two three-story buildings totaling 240,000 square feet.  When the campus is fully built, it will serve approximately 10,000 students per semester.  The buildings will house instructional programs in technology, arts and humanities, math engineering, science and social science.  In addition, the permanent buildings will support a library, Student Services, administration and tutorial center.
All necessary underground utilities and infrastructure to support the build-out of there permanent facilities has already been installed.  This infrastructure includes communications, power, phone, cable, network and data, the water system, and central plant piping that supports its ecological, sustainable development goals. 
Additional information is available in the Educational & Facilities Master plan.
4.  What are the hours of operation at the campus?
The campus is generally open from 7:30am to 10:00pm, Monday through Thursday; 7:30am to 4:00pm on Friday and Saturday.  Most Student Services office are open 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Thursday, with some departments offering services on Fridays as well.  For specific department hours please check the current schedule of department hours on our Campus Services & Department Hours page.
5.  Can high school students attend the campus?
Yes.  High school students can enroll as concurrent students through the established district procedures.  Please visit the Admissions website for additional information.
6.  What kind of degree or certificates are available at the Canyon Country Campus?
The Canyon Country Campus offers 18 Associate degrees as well as 14 Certificates of Achievement.  The campus offers a full complement of courses including college skills, general education, and transferrable classes, allowing students to achieve a general education/liberal arts transfer degree through a combination of on-site and online classes.
7.  Can Students pay their enrollment and student fees at the Canyon Country Campus?
Yes.  Student fees may be paid at the Student Business office located in building 1-C or online through MyCanyons.  Students Service operations have been designed to be consistent and seamless between the two campuses, generally allowing students to choose the most convenient location for services between the Valencia, Canyon Country Campus, or online through MyCanyons.
8.  Is there any difference between the classes taken at the Canyon Country and Valencia campuses?
No.  The classes held in Canyon Country are of the same high quality that students have come to appreciate from the Valencia campus.  There are no differences in the content from one campus to the other.  College of the Canyons is noted for its outstanding delivery of education and that is not, in any way, based on where a class happens to be located.  Indeed, more than 2,000 students each semester choose to take all of their College of the Canyons classes at the Canyon Country Campus.
9.  Is there sufficient parking at the campus?
There are three primary student Parking Lots, 1, 2 and 3, as well as additional overflow lots and designated parking along the Campus Drive.  The campus has an evening shuttle service which is available to transport students and faculty from the classroom areas to the parking lots upon request. 
Student parking for the Applied Technology Education Center (ATEC) is in Lot 2.  Parking immediately adjacent to ATEC is limited to staff and disabled parking. 
The campus will ultimately feature approximately 1,500 parking spaces, phased in as building and student population progresses.
10.  Where do I get my parking permit?
A single parking permit allows students to park at both campuses.  Semester permits may be purchased online through the student portal on MyCanyons.  Daily parking permits may be purchased for $3.00 from the parking permit machines can be located at the Canyon Country Campus in Parking Lots 1, 2, and 3.  
11.  Are there food services on the campus?
Food and beverages are available in two locations on the campus.  Canyons Cafe is located adjacent to the Carl A. Rasmussen Amphitheater along Cougar Way and offers a variety of fresh breakfast and lunch items as well as smoothies, specialty coffees, snacks and candy.  The cafe offers shaded patio seating with a view of the surrounding hillsides.
The Vending Room, located in Room 202, offers indoor seating, microwaves for student use, and vending machines stocked with both hot and cold food and beverages.  The Vending Room also features an ATM machine and a vending machine stocked with school supplies such as scantrons and blue books.
There are also snack and beverage machines located around the campus and in the Applied Technology Education Center (ATEC) courtyard.
12.  Where do I get information on Financial Aid?
The Financial Aid Office is located in building 1-A.  Check the Campus Services & Department Hours page for open office times.  Students should keep in mind that they can apply for financial aid at any time during the year and, as always, they can access complete financial aid information online at, www.canyons.edu/financialaid.
13.  How do I get my books if I attend classes at the Canyon Country Campus?
The Canyon Country campus has a seasonal bookstore operation.  For information about buy-backs, rentals, and delivery schedules please visit the bookstore website at, coc.bncollege.com.
14.  Are campus security officers available at night?
Yes, Campus Safety officers are available at night.  We also have an evening Campus Escort service available Monday through Thursday, 5:30pm to 10:00pm to provide safe transportation for our students, faculty and staff between classrooms and parking lots.  To request service please contact the campus switchboard at (661)362-3801.
15.  Is there wireless internet available on campus?
Yes.  The Canyon Country Campus has wireless internet available throughout the campus.
16.  How do I get a student ID card?
Your first COC Student ID card is free to you, duplicate or replacement ID's can be purchased for a $5.00 fee.  At the Canyon Country Campus your Student ID can be printed at the Admissions Office in building 1-C.  Students are required to show their Student ID card to use Library, TLC and ASG services. 
17.  Do I need to take assessment tests before enrolling?
Students who plan to enroll in a math or English class, or a class that has a math or English prerequisite are required to take an assessment test or supply college transcripts with a record of math or English coursework.  To view a list of assessment exemptions please visit the Assessment Center website.  To take the assessment test at the Canyon Country Campus, please check the center hours on the Campus Services & Department Hours page.
18.  Can I get to the Canyon Country Campus by bus? 
The Santa Clarita Transit Department offers bus service to the campus via Route 5 Monday through Saturday.  The on-campus bus stop is located across from room 400 along Canyons Circle.  For the current transit schedule please visit www.santaclaritatransit.com       






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