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New Books at the Career Center Library

Be sure to check out the new books we’ve added at the Career Services Department. Our new additions include the latest updates of the Career Opportunities book series, which gives detailed information about careers in specific fields, such as in health care, the film industry, law, and much more. Also, we have expanded and updated our resume resource books, which now
contain field-specific resumes, with hundreds of sample resumes and cover letters.
Some of the new books even offer an amusing perspective. One notable addition is a book titled 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours, by Justin Racz, which documents and illustrates 50 less-than desirable jobs including a garbage barge skipper, a rat catcher, and the “before” guy. This book is an excellent source of encouragement if you are stopping by Career Services because you dislike your current job-although you might be warned that your job might be listed as one of the fifty.
Feel free to drop in and take a look at these excellent books-just some of the many excellent resources we have in the career services center.

-Craig Houston, Career Advisor Intern

Fall 2005 Workshops

•Resume Writing, Thursday, 8th
•Job Fairs Made Easy, Wednesday, 28th

•The Job Search, Thursday, 6th
•Prepare for the Interview
Wednesday, 19th

•Exploring Careers with Discover
Thursday, 3rd
•Resume Writing, Wednesday, 16th


All workshops take place in
Career Services, located in C-103
from 12:00-12:50pm & 6:00-6:50pm
Reservations preferred



Computer Science v-line Economics v-line Special Education
(Related Careers) (Related Careers) (Related Careers)

Applied Science Tech.
Air Traffic Controller
Artificial Intelligence Programmer
Computer Engineer, Consultant
Computer Facilities Manager
Computer Installation &
Test Specialist
Environmental Tech.
Information Scientist
Research Analyst
Risk Analyst
Software Development Specialist
Software Engineer
Treasury Management Specialist
Urban Planner
Value Engineer


Bond Trader
Commodities Trader
Compensation Manager
Consumer Affairs Director
Efficiency Expert
Estate Planner
FBI Agent
Financial Planner/Analyst
International Trade Specialist
Labor Relations Specialist
Urban Regional Planner


Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
Autism Center Manager/Teacher
Camp Director
Child Psychologist
Creative Arts Therapist
Educational Advocate
Employee Development Specialist
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Peace Corp
Physical Therapist
Professor, College, University
Rehabilitation Counselor
Special Education Teacher-Schools
Special Needs Teacher
Speech Pathologist

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