Q. What services are offered in the Career Center?
A.  Career Services offers:
     • Job postings (accessible online)
     • Career Advisors who can meet with you one-on-one
     • Assistance with resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, and applications
     • Assistance with job interview preparation
     • A variety of career-related workshops
     • Internet, phone and fax access to communicate with prospective employers
     • Career assessments including Discover, Myers-Briggs, and the Strong
     • Career-related resources

Q. Do I have to be a student to use your center/services?
  No, we are open to the entire community.

Q. Are services free?
Yes, all services are offered at no cost. If you do not have a current COC student parking permit, be sure to purchase a parking permit when visiting, good in any student lot.

Q.  Do I need to make an appointment?
. No appointment is needed to take the assessments, view the job database, view the resource library, or to use the computers and fax machine. Appointments are needed tovisit with an Advisor one-on-one, or to use Perfect Interview. Walk-ins are accepted if staff is available.



Q. How can a career assessment help me?
  A career assessment can help you narrow down your choice of careers to something you will ultimately be happy doing, based on your interests, abilities and values. It can also help you narrow down your choices for a college major if you are undecided.

Q.  Is there a cost for the assessments?
  No, assessments are currently offered at no cost.



Q.  Do you hold job & career fairs?
Job & Career Fairs are held in the fall and the spring. Please check our website for specific days, times and locations.

Q. Do you have resources available to learn more about specific career areas?
  We have a career library containing books on specific career areas, and with examples of resumes and cover letters. We also have a “Resources” link on our website with numerous links for exploring careers and for job hunting.

Q. How do I start a job search?
Meet with a Career Advisor to discuss your current situation and areas of interest. We can assist with providing resources for job search, including our online job database. Assistance with developing resumes, creating cover letters, completing applications, interviewing and organizing your job search are offered.

. How can you help me to prepare for my next interview?
In addition to one-on-one practice, we offer the online program “Perfect Interview” to practice and fine tune your interview skills.

In addition to one-on-one practice, we offer the online program “Perfect Interview” to practice and fine tune your interview

. If I am a current student at College of the Canyons, how can I get a job on campus?
If you are enrolled in 6 units or more and have at least a 2.0 GPA, you can visit the Financial Aid Office and fill out an application to work on campus and will be added to a pool of applicants for screening.


Q. Where do I go to look for job postings?
Go to our online job database. You will need to register yourself if it’s your first visit. Most jobs are local and you can even post your resume for employers to find you.


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Your advisors are:
Anthony Michaelides, Director of Career Services
Cara Nissen, Career Advisor
Nadia De Santiago, Career Advisor
Nancy Medina, Career Advisor